FASHION: what would a modern wizard wear?

Clothing designer Mother of London is getting ready to release a ready-to-wear line of clothing and an online shop. The new collection consists of the designs seen here, as well as limited-edition leggings and t-shirts that have not yet been photographed. The inspiration for this line, says designer Mildred Von Hildegard, comes from wizards. “What would a modern wizard wear?” (via coilhouse)

ART: rosary of skulls and faces

This early 16th century German rosary from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection is a fabulous bit of memento mori, with callow, living mortals on one side of each bead and grinning death's heads on the other: (more on boingboing)

PROTEIGON (simply amazing product promo)

PROTEIGON, created by Steven Briand and Luca Fiore (with some help) during a two month internship at a production company called Partizan, is one of those pieces that worms its way into your brain more because of the “how” and not so much the finished product. (via coilhouse, more at vimeo)

linkbox, the one about february, freakdom and fuckery

If you read this, you probably know how DDoSing a server or killing surveillance tech with white noise works. The very same thing is happening to my brain now. Too much input from too many sources on levels the existence of which I wasn't even aware of. And all in all, I wouldn't really have it any other way. While I'm coping with my life and sorting out all the different things that keep me awake at night, please accept these links of dubious, questionable and random content I've amassed. (With no explanations or comments, that's the main woe I have about the whole thing.) The February tracklist and lifesign posts are coming up together with more info on the Damage Report. JA MATA AND WREAK HAVOC!

10 Sex Robots Who Kill *** Adorable/Horrifying Little Girl Cyclops Cosplay *** Amiga Music Preservation *** Anti Cayce-Pollard Armor *** App for Optimizing Caffeine Intake *** Editorial Rates at the Editorial Freelancers Association *** Flying Robots Build Structures *** How an Infinity is Greater Than Another *** How to X-ray a Volcano *** Human Skin as Touch Screen Interface *** Inception: The Theme Park *** It's Scientifically Possible to Predict the Next Pop Music Hit *** Peter Kofler's Selection of System Shock Music *** Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon *** Snowpunk Mixes *** Surreal Yugoslavian Sci-fi Art from the 70s/80s *** The Cthulhu Bible *** The Oldest Piano Shop in Paris *** The Physics of Magnetic Nail Polish *** The Truth About Books Bound in Human Skin *** Typewriter that Types Colours *** What Flavor is This Shape? *** World Masturbation Champion Prefers Anime Girls to Real Ones

TRAILER: Borderlands 2

Another loot-collector to steal our already non-existent free time in 2012 - with Diablo III and Torchlight II on the brink of release, we are so fucked. (via @chromeshelter)

whiners' club s01e02 (face the truth)

Memento. Not the artsiest shot of ten pieces of hachi. But below, she's Lady Vividfluxury and it's always fun to rock out with her and she's got this new project now you gotta check out, Face the Truth? Now on Blogspot and Bandcamp. I'd call that ritual bunker noise but I'm probably wrong and I love the layered synths in it too much. Go buy their stuff.
(UPDATE SEZ I should probably go into explanation mode about "ritual" and "noise", respectively? No chance in hell today. Today is any day.)

GLITCH: IBNIZ - hardcore audiovisual machine, esoteric programming language

As demonstrated by the video, IBNIZ (Ideally Bare Numeric Impression giZmo) is a virtual machine and a programming language that generates video and audio from very short strings of code. Technically, it is a two-stack machine somewhat similar to Forth, but with the major execption that the stack is cyclical and also used at an output buffer. Also, as every IBNIZ program is implicitly inside a loop that pushes a set of loop variables on the stack on every cycle, even an empty program outputs something (i.e. a changing gradient as video and a constant sawtooth wave as audio). (via countercomplex)

CAT: Andy's Gang - the creepiest cat video you'll ever see

There is a very, very ambiguous relationship with cats, me and them. Smart lolcats and Bast are of undeniable value, yet the rest of the cattery brings out a hatred of British elegance towards all things cute. Well, this is not one of them. Moreover, this is one of the videos that others find deeply disturbing, also called one of the saddest cat videos ever seen - me, I deeply envy all the people who worked for the fifties TV program Andy's Gang. It looks like bombshell violence trauma for kids under 12. It's also a textbook semiotics example of you're fucked. (via dangerous minds)

DEMO: orange - sea robot of love

And when it came to fairytales and TV shows, we spent endless nights in front of CRTs, watching shiny droplets of underground wisdom over and over again. The demoscene was our inspiration board and motivation screen. 2012. The sentiment remains. Sea Robot of Love is something along the aesthetics of less is more, abstract and artsy and well-constructed just enough to keep you reloading it for the tenth time. This is not a V-day post. Or it is, if you want it to. It has the sea. And robots in it. Suit yourself.

WISDOM: Neal Stephenson on getting big stuff done

For thousands of years it has been the case that the imagination of storytellers has been a guiding light for the world of people working change the world. In the last decade or two though, science fiction has almost fallen behind the work of technologists and entrepreneurs. For the sake of a more interesting tomorrow, we need to get the proverbial horse back out in front of the cart - with our imagination professionals building a vision of the future to inspire the builders of the new world. (via solveforx)

THE GOOD NATURED: the livestream sessions

The Good Natured had quickly grewn into symbiosis with my heart and brain (seemingly I still have both) and while waiting for their new album (Lovers is out in a live HQ recording and it's an amazing track), I found one halfanhourlongish live acoustic on Livestream, so there you go. Can't be embedded, sorry about that (no, actually not) and the pic's from that channel as well.

THE GOOD NATURED on Livestream

COILHOUSE: athena's curse, medusa's fate

Κατάρα της Αθηνάς, η μοίρα της Μέδουσας
Αθηνάς: Elizabeth Maiden
Μέδουσας: Jessica Rowell of J-Chan’s Designs
Photography: Nina Pak
Costume Design & Styling: J-Chan’s Designs
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ancient Greek lore and steampunk culture clash, titan style, in a sumptuous mythos-meets-modernity photo series depicting the Goddess Athena (Elizabeth Maiden) and the Gorgon Medusa (Jessica Rowell). (via coilhouse)

SFW: human centipede invented 80 years ago

Believe it or not, someone managed to put the words "human" and "centipede" next to each other more than 80 years before the infamous surgery horror film. This human centipede wasn't nearly as disgusting, but it was a torture device, albeit a mild one designed for hazing rituals. (via io9)

TRAILER: reports from the abyss (access to arasaka, erode, dirk geiger)

trailer for the upcoming colab of access to arasaka, erode and dirk geiger. coming 2012...darker times ahead (via erodemusicchannel)

bookmarks, linkbox, 2012-02-04

Random bits of entertainment fun from all the ten corners of the world. Also known as digging back old stuff from Google Reader, Google Bookmarks and the Chrome Bookmarks. Still looking for a tool to aggregate these three into one feed.

dominated by Kotaku


  • RetroBlazer, a very Wolfenstein 3Dish retro style FPS based on the Quake 1 engine (as recommended by Jordan of Section9Gear and TIGSource)
  • Dune Wars, a total conversion for Civilization 4, haven't tried that out but everybody in my FB thread said it's uber amazing! (as recommended by Prezzey)
  • Nitronic Rush level 1 with no boost and no gas - Nitronic Rush is one of the best coffeebreak games of this year, mixing Tron lightcyclism with Daft Punk electro and the whole early nineties Stunts car racing with the neon aesthetics. This gameplay video will twist your mind all the way about how to play this game!
  • And finally there's a voice cast video out for Mass Effect 3! This itself is the only great news as it's far less exciting and motivating than the one done for ME2 - I knew I WANTED TO BUY THE GAME INSTANTLY after seeing that one. This version? On par with a cosmic shrug.


Strombo: the William Gibson interview (CBC, 2012)

Cyberpunk original, coiner of the term cyberspace, and science fiction author extraordinaire William Gibson was on the program last night. He had some fascinating things to say - even more than we could fit into the on-air version of his interview. Here's the full, uncut version: (via cbc, george stroumboulopoulos)

planetdamage: lifesign, 2012 january

I've gone completely prehistoric hunter-gatherer on stray hours of sleep scattered under stones, bushes or cataracts. I am also called Damage Von Rock and this is just a brief lifesign to all of you whom I haven't contacted, met or eaten this year yet. My debut non-fiction book on pop culture and the future as such entitled DAMAGE REPORT is now in phase two, manuscript is finished (during the Facebook-announced EPIC WEEK OF FINISHING STUFF) and is at the publisher. (And yes, I have ideas for a second non-fiction and a fiction book as well.)

The IBS exam period is over, this is the latest book by William Gibson right there with some Bootie mashup Budapest mix CDs I've just gotten from the BP promoter and I guess I need at least two days of non-stop sleep. I sort of actually deserve that. After that it's a lot of extra work to monitor the launch of Damage Report and all the great stuff we plan to surround it with and some extra projects I still don't want to uncover.

As for something quite related: I'm looking for creative/media jobs in London. Here's my infographics references of the past 16 years. And yes, I look like twentysomething, but you gotta deal with that.