If you read this, you probably know how DDoSing a server or killing surveillance tech with white noise works. The very same thing is happening to my brain now. Too much input from too many sources on levels the existence of which I wasn’t even aware of. And all in all, I wouldn’t really have it any other way. While I’m coping with my life and sorting out all the different things that keep me awake at night, please accept these links of dubious, questionable and random content I’ve amassed. (With no explanations or comments, that’s the main woe I have about the whole thing.) The February tracklist and lifesign posts are coming up together with more info on the Damage Report. JA MATA AND WREAK HAVOC!

10 Sex Robots Who Kill *** Adorable/Horrifying Little Girl Cyclops Cosplay *** Amiga Music Preservation *** Anti Cayce-Pollard Armor *** App for Optimizing Caffeine Intake *** Editorial Rates at the Editorial Freelancers Association *** Flying Robots Build Structures *** How an Infinity is Greater Than Another *** How to X-ray a Volcano *** Human Skin as Touch Screen Interface *** Inception: The Theme Park *** It’s Scientifically Possible to Predict the Next Pop Music Hit *** Peter Kofler’s Selection of System Shock Music *** Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon *** Snowpunk Mixes *** Surreal Yugoslavian Sci-fi Art from the 70s/80s *** The Cthulhu Bible *** The Oldest Piano Shop in Paris *** The Physics of Magnetic Nail Polish *** The Truth About Books Bound in Human Skin *** Typewriter that Types Colours *** What Flavor is This Shape? *** World Masturbation Champion Prefers Anime Girls to Real Ones