mirror's edge new time trial pack (and an awesome theme song remix)

When we started Mirror’s Edge we were working with abstract environments, quick test levels that we threw together so we could mess around with the moves. Then came the game and the more realistic urban settings which were a lot of fun to work with but there was always a little voice in the back of our minds saying, “Remember when you could build any bizarre shape you wanted?”

We have been making a variety of maps for the upcoming release of the Pure Time Trial Map Pack. We didn’t want to be limited by an urban setting; we wanted to “leave the city behind” and focus completely on the nature of movement itself. The maps are all about exploring the purity of the core gameplay with nothing getting in the way.

Tom Farrer, ME producer blogging about the new Mirror's Edge DLC, the Pure Time Trial Map Pack. The music you hear during the trailer, that's the Teddybears remix of Lisa Miskovsky's Still Alive theme song.

why we're silent

We know you're hungry for grabmeat. Planetdamage has no grabmeat now. He works on movie script and his first week in February is actually spent on the sets. Second week is spent with evil domination plans and the new project launch. Until that, daytime job and Mirror's Edge. Planetdamage posts videos and funny pictures, nothing more. His smart ideas and longer articles might actually migrate to the new project.

Relentless, THE REV: more processing eyecandy

Audio visualization for the energy drink Relentless done by Flight404. Here's a full rundown on the project. In other words: will post more and sensible things later.

erik natzke graphic design

After every second of awe I spent watching DAIM's work, here's something new - Dawe just sent in a link, chock-full of works by Erik Natzke, interactive designer. I wanna buy his stuff. Wind covers, iPhone skins, teeshirts, everything. Sell me stuff!

documentation of q3apd @ lovebytes06

q3apd is an experimental work that takes the events and spatial dynamics of combat and uses this information to make live computer music. It was last shown at the http://lovebytes.org.uk exhibition in 2006. (via youtube)

3apd uses activity in QuakeIII as control data for the realtime audio synthesis environment Pure Data. we have developed a small set of modules that once installed into the appropriate directory, pipe bot and player location, view angle, weapon state and local texture over a network to Pure Data, which is listening on a given port. once this very rich control data is available in PD, it can then be used to synthesise audio, or whatever. (via selectparks)

tatsuyuki tanaka - cannabis works

PinkTentacle posting this wonderfully mushroomic material  by Tatsuyuki Tanaka, the very one responsible for this Nike ad. Almost like an Animatrix entrance exam material. (via pinktentacle)

alec empire: az optimizmusom megriaszthatja az embereket

Budapestre látogatott Alec Empire, az elmúlt két évtized elektronikus zenéjének meghatározó alakja. A kilencvenes évek hangzásait inspiráló zenésszel arról beszélgettünk, hogyan látja két évtizednyi lázadás után a világot, hogyan születnek filmzenéi, miért lehet kellemetlen a MySpace-hírnév - és hogyan okozhatunk lázongást bizonyos frekvenciatartományokkal. (link via hvg.hu)

Jó egy órányi beszélgetés az A38 gyomrában, Alec Empire még mindig visszafogott, kedves interjúalany, Nic Endo láncdohányzik a pult mellett, nem akar beszélni,  az őket kísérő, a hajó színpadán debütáló gitáros, a Der Plan-ból ismert Achim Treu videózik vagy a pultot támasztja. A magyarul olvasható interjú körülbelül fele az eredeti angol verziónak, amit várhatóan jövő héttől olvashattok, amiből kiderül még számos dolog az új párizsi koncertDVD-vel, a hannoveri punkokkal és az idei koncerteken játszandó Atari Teenage Riot-számokkal kapcsolatban. (Fotó: Stiller Ákos, hvg.hu)

alec empire & the hellish vortex live in budapest

Tonight - an interview with Alec Empire and Nic Endo, marking a real beginning in 2009. Expect interview early next week in English, Hungarian readers can glimpse a part of the full interview with a few photos, links coming in later. Still working on projects and news trickling in from early February. Site visits dropping possibly because I'm not posting new content. Patience, patience.

banlieue 13: ultimatum

David Belle is back! The number one traceur, the founder of parkour re-appears on the big screen from the 18th of February with his new movie Banlieue 13: Ultimatum. The sequel to the 2004 parkour movie B13 also features Cyril Raffaelli (B13, Ronin, Kiss of the Dragon, Yamakasi, The Transporter).

  • For parkour lovers: Mirror's Edge (the game) is released on 13/01/2009.
  • Did you know that David Belle appeared in Kassovitz' Babylon AD as the kid with the tattoos

fishnet: underground goth comics from 2004

Back in 2004 I thought getting into the comics business would not be so bad after all - that was time when I got into the habit of following back upon the more obscure pieces of Warren Ellis (like City of Silence), Chaos! Comics (an anything-goes extravaganza of DD+ tits and blood) and Jhonen Vasquez. Especially Vasquez. (And Dirge's Lenore.) That was the time when I came up with the first 20 pages of Fishnet, a grotesque black-and-white Goth comics series deeply rooted in zombies, kung fu and mad cow disease, peppered with parties and huge automobiles that chew up roadways instead of rolling on them. The first four pages (drawn by a graphic artist named Bride) were published in an underground comics anthology entitled PTSD - and unfortunately that's just a Hungarian release, no PDFs. (Hungarian review here, db entry on kepregeny.net) Just found these pages and I thought it would be fun to share all these once again - with a small tribute paid to Vasquez, in fact.

independent game festival 2009 finalists

0109friday is about cory doctorow giving us a lecture about why instant messaging is bad for your work morale and levels of attention (and why you need to write a page every single day), forging ideas about whales with gagballs and smearing is the new swallowing, the new dose of freakangels and to finalize working hours, the finalists of the 11th annual indepent games festival with pixeljunk eden on top. there's even a steampunkish point-n-click, machinarium, by the makers of samorost, a very absurd game called you have to burn the rope and also something wondrous called feist (below).

a short notice

'ello, tweeps and readers. I'm simultaneously working on the 2009 resolutions: two books, a short movie that's going to be released in Q2 and I have lots of other projects in the queue, which means I have a relatively small amout of time to blog. Please behave until I gather my thoughts and shitload of mails with links.

dxy, long live ddr

Something to spice up your Monday mornings with. Wicked's take on DXY! is not only amazingly in sync, it's AMAZINGLY synced. If this doesn't make you into a nostalgic droolpiece, step off now.

mushroomhead: three from one

Ceci n'est pas l'oeuvre de Slipknot. Mushroomhead zone ahead.

Solitaire Unraveling.

Simple Survival.

12 Hundred.

ghost in the shell 2.0: a beauty thoroughly buttfucked

If you haven't spent the last decade nailing twelve gauge ass squirrels to the local church warden's shed, you are aware that 攻殻機動隊, better known as Ghost in the Shell is a milestone in the up-and-coming popcultural zeitgeist of the nineties. Balanced between the chock-full action wet-dream Asian cityscape of the twentysomething era and the mindlessly perdu monologues of robotic existentialism, the movie came to be something of epic proportions on a 10/10 scale. The dialogues - both in English and Japanese - are regularly sampled in the electronic scene, the dramaturgy is well set, the voice acting (and the selection of Japanese seiyuus, voice actors) is exemplary. The movie is still a classic in the cyberpunk pantheon, giving birth to a chain of movies (such as the Matrix) and a rare example of marvel. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence boasted a better, CG-enhanced graphic style and a tsunami of harder-to-follow philosophic rants, while the two  Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex TV series leant more into the faster-executed anime SF look with a better storyline (compared to Innocence, at least and the same stands for the Standalone Complex movie as well). All in all, a decent and thought-provoking, well-rounded franchise. That's just been buttfucked by an enhanced version called Ghost in the Shell 2.0 (DVD release date in Japan is 19/12/2008).

More (pictures and epic teardrops) after the jump.

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