Back in 2004 I thought getting into the comics business would not be so bad after all – that was time when I got into the habit of following back upon the more obscure pieces of Warren Ellis (like City of Silence), Chaos! Comics (an anything-goes extravaganza of DD+ tits and blood) and Jhonen Vasquez. Especially Vasquez. (And Dirge’s Lenore.) That was the time when I came up with the first 20 pages of Fishnet, a grotesque black-and-white Goth comics series deeply rooted in zombies, kung fu and mad cow disease, peppered with parties and huge automobiles that chew up roadways instead of rolling on them. The first four pages (drawn by a graphic artist named Bride) were published in an underground comics anthology entitled PTSD – and unfortunately that’s just a Hungarian release, no PDFs. (Hungarian review here, db entry on Just found these pages and I thought it would be fun to share all these once again – with a small tribute paid to Vasquez, in fact.