PLANETDAMAGE S13E02: The Damage Report PDF (and other signs of life)


Since late last week my debut book Damage Report has been available free for download, all DRM-free, in PDF format, with an extra ninth chapter missing from its print version. Unfortunately for English speakers, it's only in Hungarian. Worry not, though - there are some wonderful people I'm teaming up with on the English translation/proofreading and when it comes out (should be at the end of this year, if all goes according to plan), it'll also have some updates on the current state of things, cultural references and whatnot. I've finalized the manuscript last January and however much Damage Report is a freeze frame moment on our current lives and possible futures, it was outdated the very moment I stopped working on it.. update time again.

If you read Hungarian or have Hungarian friends who you think would enjoy this monstrosity of a gonzo fiction blog novel with its 444 pages of future re/search, porn and batshit craziness (as likers and haters both call it), give this a go. Newscasts already appearing on Origo and

Also on the PD bandwidth: still researching stuff for Book Number Two, this is a hydra. Also researching and learning designwork: mostly infographics and Processing. The new Dose issue is also in the works. I don't know how I have time for this all. Going back to Satie, Cage, Varèse and Scriabin, also re-listening most of the suicidal black and post-black metal albums in a very obscure corner of my Google Music account - and randomly trying to keep this blog alive. If you want more regular content feeds (or more like, a continous neon piss streak of information, head over to my Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Have a great new upcoming whatever.

The Damage

LOOT FOR THOUGHT: Future Glitch Art Porn


I call the overlap of the personal microenvironment and the comfort zone a bubble. Bubbles are best maintained by porn high-intensity intellectual stimuli. This week I've managed to sink my teeth into a ludicrous amount of great stuff - go and sample them yourself.

FETISH: Horse Gas Mask


Without further ado - horses and gas masks. Sent in by @dawe_ who thinks this is a "damage combo breaker". Indeed it is.

TRAILER: Now You See Me (second trailer)

Street magic still amazes me and illusions on small and large scales both makes me think how much we're hardwired to work on pre-suppositions and expectations and how much we fall back to these. In this sense, this is another deconstructionist work, mainstream, yes, but can make you run the right tracks.

First rule of magic? Always be the smartest guy in the room.
Could't have said it better myself.


VIDEO PODCAST: Channel Hell 003

Channel Hell is a Monthly A/V Mixtape Series by THE LIAR of Angelspit.



"Fuck The Revolution (16volt RMX)" - Angelspit
"Smaida greizi nakamiba" - Oyaarss
"Mortal Bass" - Broken Note
"I Do Not Divert My Eyes" - Chrysalide
"Fast Lane (Stendeck RMX)" - Architect
"Neighborhood Sniper (XI RMX)" - Eazy E
"Violence" - Angelspit

For Promo Use Only, Y'all.

Mixed Live in NYC

BOOKMARKS: 2013-04-13


  • BRING YOUR OWN BODY - How open source video nights liberate the post-internet art movement: Freed from limitations of specific object-based media, Beuys coined the term 'social sculpture' to describe the way in which art could be a collective endeavour - a practice that could somehow change society itself.
  • The Logic Problems That Will Eventually Pop the Bitcoin Bubble: Bitcoins are not a currency, at least in any traditional sense of the word. Rather, they have transformed more into an investment, like a stock. I could certainly purchase items with shares of Google Inc.—I would just have to find a seller willing to accept them—but no one would rationally say that makes stock into a currency rather than an investment.
  • The Cluetrain Manifesto -The End of Business as Usual: are getting smarter, more informed, more organized. Participation in a networked market changes people fundamentally.
  • Nearly 1 in 10 Americans would have sex with a robot: Forty-two percent of Americans indicated that such a dalliance would constitute cheating. Another 31 percent said it wouldn't, and 26 percent said they were unsure.

  • MUSIC: 2013-04-10, Recommendations


  • Witch-house-diva-cum-trash-pop-goddess CHARLI XCX releases her debut album True Romance next week, featuring all her great tracks we came to love so far like Nuclear Seasons, You (Ha Ha Ha), Cloud Aura or You're The One. Here's a complete gig video from last year's iTunes Festival.

  • Crime League Presents: A Thing About Machines: The second in a series of compilations focusing on electronic music that makes us groove. Showcasing another direction of the future of Crime League's pay-what-you-can digital EP's.

    Music for night drives, exploration & time travel.

    New songs by Architect, Heiki Sillaste, Deline, Displacer, Jakob Thiesen, Famine, Anklebiter, l'Ombre, waveTangent, C.Dubsound, Jamie Irles, Wire Fences, F(x) Function, Guise, Diff_cult, Synkro & Procedure.


  • And for something completely different, here's the new PV for `Lovers` by pop noir outfit THE GOOD NATURED. Debut album `Prism` is due this summer.

  • PERSONAL: Foursquare Hiscore 39, Hang Yours Higher


    `Photo or it didn't happen` is the general consensus for the recent 39-point checkin, so bam, there you go, here's the untampered screenshot proof. Yes, there's a tampered one for a classified niche porn site which is often visited by wrinkled accountants with a more than respectable credit history with a fetish for jerking off on spreadsheets, license plates, bills or even screenshots with a certain number on them. That one finances my new corneas, so... do your googling, me, I'm outta here. 39. Drop me screenshots for higher Foursquare check-in scores in the comments.

    BOOKMARKS: 2012-04-06


    (via katiecaro.tumblr)

  • AN INTERVIEW WITH PAUL NIELSEN OF TYMPANIK: Artists like r.roo and Access To Arasaka say, represent more of the type of material I tend to gravitate towards when considering new releases for the label; a darker, more cerebral and complex electronic sound that can still manage to sound beautiful and inviting.
  • Upstream Color is the first masterpiece of the year: But Upstream Color is way less of a puzzle than Primer was -- it's much more about burrowing inside your head with the weird lovely pictures, and making you identify with two characters who are fatally dysfunctional. Also, where Primer was a film about technology, with lots of sequences of the main characters geeking out about their invention, Upstream Color is about biology, and the ways in which it shapes us beyond our understanding.
  • This New Camera Stabilizer Could Change Cinematography Forever: Shots like [the iconic Goodfellas scene] are based on a counterweight system, where heavy weights are suspended below the camera, which sits on a low-friction gimbal. The new system gets rid of the counterweight completely, allowing the camera person to move around much easier. For added control, the camera's movements can be operated remotely via joystick.

  • It’s Almost Impossible To Believe There’s a Robot In This Suit and Not a Real Human: Boston Dynamics—the folks behind the brick-tossing BigDog—has released some new footage of one its other incredibly unsettling robotic creations. Petman's designed to serve as a testbed for hazmat suits and other military garb, and is so realistic it's hard to believe there's not a real dude inside that suit.
  • The Knife Made The First Social Justice Goth Album: Shaking the Habitual is not dry and academic, or strident, or overly cerebral. It's actually one of the most physically and emotionally evocative records in recent memory: a collection of songs that explores issues of identity and gender with the visceral urgency of a great horror movie.

  • W0RK: Machete Girl 8, the teaser


    Back in London after nine days of Budapest - expect more content and catching up with the rest of the future extra soon! Fragment number 1: cyberpunk powerhouse magazine Machete Girl runs my gonzo article on the merging of magick and technology in their Issue 8 - here's a teaser with a few paragraphs!