exaella: a new anime

if morning is black / and memories clean / then dreams comes back / which you've never seen. Above, a less-than-two-minutes long trailer for EXAELLA, a new anime done by Russian film/music cavalier Andrew Oudot. According to him, Exaella is cyberpunk-anime style movie. Actions of this story occurs during a post-apocalyptic time. Millions of people has fallen in lethargy to save remained resources. But few awakened souls tries to rescue the fallen asleep population.

Exaella is planned to be released in the second half of 2010, according to his notes, the creation process is at around 40%, so they still have a hard and bumpy way to go. The trailer looks thick and creepy enough, though, with certain flashes and moments reminding you of Ergo Proxy, Blame! and Ghost in the Shell. The visuals will also appeal to anyone into the demoscene (like those who love Conspiracy or Haujobb). And without getting into more details, check Oudot's ambient/filmscore track on the links below. He's a mean threat!

dig for more info on xonasu area, looking like a concept site with the trailer | the film info page | flickr | myspace | twitter

procedural cities in crysis 2, how about GTA?

According to Kotaku, there's a Structure Procedural System, apparently based on ROCK and common sense, that actually makes a whole procedular/modular city that is free to explore both outdoors and indoors and it is also prone to systematic, violent and gleeful destruction. If you don't believe that - great news, I was skeptic as well. The video is clearly a tech demo but the possibilities themselves carve GTA on their foreheads with a machete. Really. (Although the whole Kotaku article's about the New York City setting of Crysis 2.) According to rumours, the next installment of GTA 5 might come during Fall 2010 taking a geographical focus other than Liberty City. (Check the comments behind the link where thoughtful readers actually mention Introversion Software's latest project Subversion and also demoscene wonder .theprodukkt.)

japanese infographic round coins

tokyo based designer mac funamizu wondered what would happen if we rethought how coins were designed with an infographic perspective. funamizu remarks on the merits and drawbacks of round coins. (much more via the amazing grinding.be)

7th street - small city music

Dunno who sent me this but for the sake of the via, drop me a mail! Use your 3D glasses and visit the Chinese Man Records site, receive good karma!

korean booth babes

Working on the new project with gears rumbling, so we'll be updating this place with mere eyecandy until we have sufficient brainmeat to transfer our consciousness into you about how things are according to us. (via kotaku)

immolate yourself (telefon tel aviv, the mill)

The Mill’s renowned directing trio, Bif, has conceived a dark and eerie short-film in Dix. Dix, which is French for “ten,” highlights Mark, a tortured man who suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder that forbids him from physically stepping on lines beneath his feet. In many ways, the main characters unnerving anxiety is reminiscent of the childhood mantra that, “If you step on a crack, you break your Mother’s back.” (via motionographer but more importantly thanks to Tommy for showing this to me at a very important moment, after all the chili and the glorious pain)

TO: ten free minutes of Fumihiko Sori's latest CG scifi anime

Avex uploaded a ten minute long clip from Fumihiko Sori’s Sci-Fi CG Anime TO to youTube. Technically, this doesn’t look much better than Vexille but maybe TO will have more to offer on the story side since it’s based on Yukinobu Hoshino’s 2001 Nights (2001 Ya Monotogari) manga series. (...) TO will be released in two episodes, Symbiotic Planet and Elliptical Orbit on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in Japan on December 18, 2009. (via affenheimtheater, a fantastic blog you should really delve into - amazing things there!

robert seidel - _grau, a short film

Award-winning experimental film _grau for the first time in HD on Christmas 2009: … _grau is a personal reflection on memories coming up during a car accident, where past events emerge, fuse, erode and finally vanish ethereally … various real sources where distorted, filtered and fitted into a sculptural structure to create not a plain abstract, but a very private snapshot of a whole life within its last seconds … (via vimeo)

hangry & angry

Just talked to Meikee Magnetic and he referred me to a girl duo I regrettably haven't heard of. Yet. The gothloli pop duo of hANGRY & ANGRY comprises two 4th generation Morning Musume members (okay, there's a reason why they eluded me so far, heh), 吉澤 ひとみ - Hitomi Yoshizawa (hANGRY) and 石川 梨華 - Rika Ishikawa (ANGRY) and if you ayrtonsenna your precious headmeat into the Top Secret video (above), you'll treat yourself all too well, that's some quite decent Jpop material and most probably their catchiest and cheesiest hit so far. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, they're on a payroll of a Harajuku fashion store of the same name, so they're basically a promotion unit.

Hangry & Angry is a brand of popular Japanese designer h.NAOTO. Illustrator GASHICON draws the gurokawa (grotesque-cute)-style characters "Hangry" and "Angry" who came from the H44 Star Nebula in order to save the world from global warming. They arrived in the present in their time machine dubbed "LOVE MACHINE." (via japanfiles)

And while you're busy clicking your way around the ladies, be sure to check out Gothuall label they released their first mini album on and the other band on it called GaGaalinG, that might be a kick for all you people out there into the lighter side of J-rock like Danger Gang and exist†trace - this band is actually fronted by MAIMING, a model you could mostly see in the Harajuku fashion mag KERA.

the best commercial of 2009 (and hopefully 2010, as well): else mobile (the time has come)

The time has come. Electronic world evolves. Humans and data have become closer. They will become one. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier. Instead our lives grew more complicated. It was supposed to liberate us. Instead it enslaved us. It's time we demand a change.

Created for Else Mobile Phones as half viral campaign, half official website content and commissioned by The Visionaire Group in LA. 'The Time Has Come' acts as an intro for the new mobile device. The entire campaign was shot on location in downtown LA and California. (via vimeo.)

star wars burlesque

There's a reason why Courtney Cruz always performs last at Devil's Playground events and it's not simply because she founded the burlesque troupe. Her costumes, designed by Carlos Flores, are consistently over-the-top and heavily detailed, in this instance, down to the Stormtrooper pasties. She performed to Front 242's industrial dance hit "Headhunter." You should have been there. However, if you weren't, Devil's Playground will repeat the show on March 13. (via laweekly via boingboing)

Médium - Hang - Esztétika: USB-csatlakozót az agyunkba a szemünkön keresztül

Nosztalgiaízű, gyomormozgató basszusokkal és kávé helyett használható ütemekkel teli gyerekkori kedvenc cukorka a Médium-Hang-Esztétika tanulmánykötet. A Batta Barnabás szerkesztette gyűjtemény ugyanis hiába kapta a "zeneiség a mediális technológiák korában" alcímet, az az átlagolvasó számára ez nem sokat jelent - ellenben nagyszabású ívet húz az elektronikus zene előtörténetétől az iPod designelméletéig. Hozzátesszük: egész stílusosan teszi mindezt.
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For starters, Juri looks to be more of a "roll" fighter than a charger. Most of her moves can be executed by your classic quarter or half circles and "Z" patterns rather than holds, putting her in the Ken/Ryu class, rather than guys like Guile and Honda. This aids in her ability as a quick striker, as well as her mid-air attacking, mixing up a nice bit of speed and angles in her fighting. (via ps3.ign.com and kotaku)

the third & the seventh

A FULL-CG animated piece that tries to illustrate architecture art across a photographic point of view where main subjects are already-built spaces. Sometimes in an abstract way. Sometimes surreal. (via vimeo)

the fortress of solitude (santambrogio & arosio)

An amazing concept designed by the Santambrogiomilano group. (...) The glass home is a collaboration between founder Carlo Santambrogio and designer Ennio Arosio featuring a series of iconic furniture pieces, beds, sofas and bookcases, along with architectural elements such as staircases and kitchens. They are all fashioned from ‘extraclear’ glass. (via io9.com)

psychick warriors ov gaia: exit 23 (the drum club remix)

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia is a group of techno music producers from the Netherlands. It is also known as Thee Disciples Ov Gaia and Sluagh Ghairm, one of its members was affiliated to Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth. The group released a number of records and CDs on the Belgian KK Records in the late 1980s and early 1990s. (via wikipedia) | Mysterious formation from Holland (Tilburg), specialised in blends of deep techno, subtle trance and ambient soundscapes, mostly redefining the adjective 'tribal'. At the end of 1992, Robbert Heynen left the group to concentrate on his solo project Exquisite Corpse. (via discogs)

abstrakt: free experimental art game for iphone

Abstrakt, created by a group of students at the French games and media school ENJMIN, is a free application that allows players to interact with abstract art and music. (...) Each of the game’s included art pieces can be touched and dragged in order to add color, rearrange geometric elements, or reposition lines. (...) Abstrakt contains artwork from Paul Klee, Vassily Kandinsky, and Piet Mondrian, with each piece offering different mechanics and interactive elements. (via bestiphoneappmatic)

the burj birdmen: base jumping off burj dubai

Two men travel to Dubai to attempt a world record base jump off the worlds tallest buidling - The Burj Tower. Director's cut of the award winning Current TV broadcast.

the three graces

To anyone who asked for a more girlfriend-friendly blog: sorry. (via kotaku)