if morning is black / and memories clean / then dreams comes back / which you’ve never seen. Above, a less-than-two-minutes long trailer for EXAELLA, a new anime done by Russian film/music cavalier Andrew Oudot. According to him, Exaella is cyberpunk-anime style movie. Actions of this story occurs during a post-apocalyptic time. Millions of people has fallen in lethargy to save remained resources. But few awakened souls tries to rescue the fallen asleep population.

Exaella is planned to be released in the second half of 2010, according to his notes, the creation process is at around 40%, so they still have a hard and bumpy way to go. The trailer looks thick and creepy enough, though, with certain flashes and moments reminding you of Ergo Proxy, Blame! and Ghost in the Shell. The visuals will also appeal to anyone into the demoscene (like those who love Conspiracy or Haujobb). And without getting into more details, check Oudot’s ambient/filmscore track on the links below. He’s a mean threat!

dig for more info on xonasu area, looking like a concept site with the trailer | the film info page | flickr | myspace | twitter