matthew santoro scifi "offline" inspired by tool

There is nothing new under the sun and both the voudoun gods of the interwebs and Warren Ellis work hard to decrease your novelty and shock tolerance levels. But sometimes there's just something to keep you entertained. @vjesci just sent this over and it was both the morning coffee and the trailer for Matthew Santoro's movie Offline that scratched my brain and made me feel and look like interested.

According to the post on Fourtheye, Tool guitarist Adam Jones was a huge source of inspiration for the movie.

He basically said to look at every shot like a piece of art. If your going to put your name on something make sure its something YOU are happy with (emphasis on YOU) because if you truly consider it to be a piece of art then in a way it is a reflection of yourself.

Here's a brief synopsis on, enjoy.

purefold: webseries in the blade runner universe

IO9 breaks news on Purefold, a new webseries set in the Blade Runner universe. The project is backed up by the Scott family (Ridley Scott, being the original movie's director, his brother Tony and his son Luke), RSA Films (Scott's commercials company) and independent studio Ag8. The series will take place before the original movie's 2019 setting - the first episodes are most likely to take place in 2011. The five to ten minute shorts will actually be driven by reader input pulled in from FriendFeed - according to IO9, there might actually be some hope for Purefold to make its way to TV (or DVD). As the producers don't own the rights to the PKD novel BR is based upon (Do Androids Dream of Electroic Sheep?), you won't see any BR-specific characters or situations in the series.


Two very interesting things to note about Purefold. 1) RSA is reaching back to how the original movies used billboard ads in the cityscapes and now they're busy hooking up themselves with ad and marketing agencies. 2) Scott announced that the series will be released under Creative Commons, so basically you can remix and recut the episodes to your liking. According to IO9, Ridley Scott is the first major Hollywood director to embrace CC. (via io9)

nec crv43: curved display porn


Reality bites, especially with this 2880x900 px resolution 43" model, NEC's CRV43 that, quote, measures in with a 200 nits brightness rating, 10,000:1 contrast, 0.02ms "Rapid Response," covers 99.3% of the Adobe RGB color gamut, and packs at least one USB2.0 jack and DVI-D and HDMI 1.3 connectors, unquote. The 32:10 ratio puts you in the designer and out the gamer league and the 8000 dollar price tag will make you think about chopping up your colleagues and selling them via the Ukrainian body snatcher community portal to keep up with what the display porn lobby has to offer you. (via engadget)

xxx.01: mint a chatter, télvíz idején

Armitage says (12:05):
"It was an extremely long moment.
Time stretched sluggishly like a bubblegum strip deep in crystal-clear honey.
Damage was resolute to write some reply but simply couldn't. Not even a word, a character, a byte. He was horribly, desperately and ultimately captured by the circumstances, never to be resolved or explained."

damage says (12:10):

"Then a message, an iridescent, golden-gleaming bee of information, slowly traversed the non-space over the sky the color of corroded asphalt. It felt like the last sip of espresso machine coffee laced with energy pills from a shifty Serbian off Nanjing lane, bitter, tainting and ultimately, sobering. His eyes returned from the Fraunhofer data glasses press release and realized where he was.

He was nowhere. Again."

A Neurománc meg a Spook Country (Árnyvilág) fordítója meg én, lassú ütésváltás.

axe detailer ad with mother-daughter threesome


Washes Jessica's perfume off your ear. Scrubs Jessica's Mom's perfume off your knees. (via contexts)

damien walter free running showreel 2009

Google him and find nothing. Boing Boing is the first of the majors to report about free runner (and apparently not traceur) Damien Walter - who's someone completely different from fiction writer Damien G Walter. If running up that hill, running up that mountain and doing 540 flips before entering your car without opening its door makes you tick, this will make you rock hard. Enjoy. (via boingboing)