Armitage says (12:05):
“It was an extremely long moment.
Time stretched sluggishly like a bubblegum strip deep in crystal-clear honey.
Damage was resolute to write some reply but simply couldn’t. Not even a word, a character, a byte. He was horribly, desperately and ultimately captured by the circumstances, never to be resolved or explained.”

damage says (12:10):

“Then a message, an iridescent, golden-gleaming bee of information, slowly traversed the non-space over the sky the color of corroded asphalt. It felt like the last sip of espresso machine coffee laced with energy pills from a shifty Serbian off Nanjing lane, bitter, tainting and ultimately, sobering. His eyes returned from the Fraunhofer data glasses press release and realized where he was.

He was nowhere. Again.”

A Neurománc meg a Spook Country (Árnyvilág) fordítója meg én, lassú ütésváltás.