angelspit's devilicious video production diary

If Kill Kitty wasn't enough for you, here's a new lo-fi video production diary of Angelspit's new album, Blood Death Ivory.

cyberpunk movie news zen

Rapidfire cyberpunk newsflash straight from the movies, safety belts and enema diving kits in action!
ALIENS: No more Alien(s) sequels, at least that's what industry expert Cecelia from sez, basically because almost all scripts are so full of clichés. BABYLON AD: IO9 has a few new clips from the movie. Just occurred to me that the Mélanie Thierry (the psychic girl) was also a key character in Julien Leclercq's suberb medical cyberpunk SF, Chrysalis. GHOST IN THE SHELL 2.0: According to Twitch, there's going to be a Blu-Ray version of the movie that features both the graphically updated 2.0 and the original versions and English dub will be included only on the original.

DEADLAND: New post-ap movie where Florida slides into the ocean and main character Sean Kalos crosses the radiation-plagued land to find his missus - no zombies and no gorgeous flesh-eating this time. ROBOCOP: Officially confirmed, it's going to be Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) who's gonna direct the remake. THE ROAD: A new post-apocalyptic movie featuring Viggo Mortensen (with a son) and a bunch of cannibals hot on their trails. TERMINATOR 4 - SALVATION: While rumor has it that Linda Hamilton will be featured in all three Terminator movies currently in (various states of) production, Helena Bonham Carter is definitely cast and she sez her character is a very, very bad person. TR2N: Original screenwriter Steve Lisberger's script that's been worked on for years has been ditched.

digestive system, out the window

Gyorsan visszakötünk az előző napok tabasco/habanero-szószos ebédjéhez, itt a bizonyító értékű kép. Dawe gyomra itt lépett rá biztosan a pokol haragosan cseresznyepiros útjára, én fél nappal megelőztem, a verseny immár nem arról szól, hogy melyikünk tud csípősebbet enni, hanem hogy melyikünk tud kevesebb időt bentlenni a belgyógyászaton (vagy ahogy elnézem magunkat, a traumatológián), ha már bekerültünk.

repo! the genetic opera: mark it up!

We have a new teaser from REPO!:THE GENETIC OPERA, the scene Mark it Up! featuring lovely (really) Paris Hilton, and a gorgeously eccentric Ogre from Skinny Puppy. Grotesque, tinted fuckerily and with brains.

UPDATE 1: Eftelsander removed the Mark It Up scene and replaced it with a behind the scenes video - with more insight and unfortunately, more talk. Enjoy.

habanero: chili, but with more horses coming into your mouth

"Megvan az a fajta csípősség, amikor beleszagolsz az üvegbe és csak puszta, elemi fémet érzel? Az a tabasco", gesztikulálok, a tegnap esti beszélgetést imitálva, szemközt illetődött office ladyk ülnek, erőltetik, hogy nem figyelnek ránk. "És van az a tabasco, amiben a fémen kívül halott állatok és hangosan élvező lovak szaladnak rád az üvegből, na az a habanero special hot tabasco." Feszült csend. Felállnak, elmennek.

angelspit's kill kitty video production diary

I have Angelspit's BLOOD DEATH IVORY here with me, the CD looks amazing, the music rocks and now we have six minutes of actual music production documented by Zoog. No comments, it's just so pure crystal effort.

radar magazine: the life of breyer p-orridge

Interesting how I got back to some old roots just in a day - found a long interview with one half of Breyer P-Orridge, Genesis P-Orridge - whom a couple of you might know from Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and its direct transfiguration PTV3, Thee Majesty and lots of other cooperative works (from XPK to Download, and then some), then found myself digging through longish histories of The Process and TOPI as well. The Radar Magazine interview is an insanely touching piece of work that got me interested in the sheer will and love that formed Breyer P-Orridge into life. So much more to say, so much silence. (link, via technoccult)

angel wings: new fashion statement for the scene

Haven't really updated my street fashion knowledge since The Dose time and man, it's been two years now, so it's time to get back to the business and see what you dirtygrrlz and dirtyboiz are up to. One of the main impulses is Artifice Clothing's [cybertek wings] that's been recommended to me by m1k3y/ A thousand-bucks price tag is definitely something that's gonna set aside the cream from the plebs but hey - fashion's always been like that. For those who can make do with less - and I mean less - go for the Leeloo PVC costume. Dig deeper. (via

alan moore: advice for young artists

I've met so many people recently who cannot cope with the shit around or in their life but they only need one spark to let it go, I mean really start things going. This is for them, told by none other than world-acclaimed comics writer Alan Moore, who's behind Watchmen and V for Vendetta.

repo! the genetic opera: more footage available

"The comic value is a murderer and a rapist." Seriously. Repo: The Genetic Opera! has been one twisted piece of work that we've been expecting for quite some time and thank God, heaps of smart and relevant footage appears on YouTube, thanks to user Eftelsander who started posting excerpts and trailers like *snap snap* rapidfire. Surgery graft fetish boytoys, Paris Hilton cunt injections, future sluts and sleazy kink all the way. Check the "Zydrate Anatomy" scene above, below, a brief behind-the-scenes with Ogre of Skinny Puppy.

pikachu circuit bending, devilish fun

It's been a few months that I last posted anything about circuit bending. It's been yesterday that I wreaked havoc on the entire office with the bodymod Pikachu and its clone brothers, all of them being musical instruments. Behind all the amygdala-wrenching fun is Japanese circuit bender Kaseo, check his amazing video feed, I've only posted two pieces of gritty wisdom, the Bent Pikachu Limited Edition being so much on par with the Furby torture scene. (via pinktentacle)

gas mask buddha

Icon II: Siddharta Gotama in gas mask, sculpture by Samuel F. Stimpert. (link, via ectomo)

pangender cyborgs, cocks on buildings

Seriously, if last month's penis-thieving stories from Africa didn't cut through your transjournalistic immune system, this won't either. Madrid artist Jaime del Val is walking around the city, projecting his dick onto public buildings, claiming "it is a means of power". At least he's right about that. According to the Metro, Mr del Val actually claims to have a serious message to promote as a self-identified 'pangender cyborg'. He says his visual actions are part of a multi-protest against homophobia, surveillance, control and consumer society. (via boingboing gadgets, via metro)

2009: a true story

Nothing like a fresh whiff of apocalypse for a new day! Fallout 3 is up-and-coming (we'll talk more about it in a few days), the Mutant Chronicles review is still pending, so let's feed you guys with 2009: A TRUE STORY, a 13-episode long webcast on how America's gone to ruins. As IO9 says, cities were blown to bits by an unknown enemy, and the remaining government enforced the Patriot Act under the advertising campaign "America: Keep The Dream Alive." The next thing anyone knew, American soil was no longer a safe place for free thinkers and idealists. (link, via io9)

neuromancer movie poster: definitely steampunk

From Twitch to QuietEarth and a couple dozens of other sites you could have already gathered: we have the first poster for the Neuromancer movie. And looking at the poster, I didn't want to post it for a few days, thinking very much it's a hoax. Because the poster, as you can see, has nothing, nothing to do with cyberpunk at all.

If it were for a steampunk movie, I'd like it. Because how I see it from here, the gears, the nails and all the contraptionry, it has more to do with antique than neonlite and rain. The cranial cables, those are fine. The mood it conveys, could make me remember Straylight. "Based on the book by William Gibson"? Makes me say oh-oh. Hardwired readers say Gibson hasn't even been asked to work on the movie. (UPDATE 1: According to Indiewire, it is Gibson who's working on the movie script right now.) The fact that I found out a week ago that Hayden Christensen is not listed as Case on the movie's IMDB page, it's mostly discarded by other sites. (Hope, that's a hard bitch to kill, man.)

By the way, I watched Kahn's movie, Torque, the one everyone managed to bash. I would so take the helm from him. Give it to Aronofsky. Tsukamoto. Wouldn't say Cunningham, he's been long off the job. Give the role of Finn to Iggy Pop. You know why Johnny Mnemonic was a good movie? Because it had the pop sensibility and the iconic guys of its era. You know why it's going to be hard, trying to revive the Neuromancer spirit? Because we've already sped past it.

two galleries on chernobyl

If you've heard about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. cosplayers, you know the story's a bit more than two months old now, so it's kind of sad I only post it now. The novelty value is an extra gallery by dr sunrise 3500 from Melbourne who's just gone to Chernobyl for a field trip and posted a slightly radioactive gallery of love, cheers to m1k3y/ for the hint. (Cosplayer gallery link, dr sunrise 3500 link)

steampunk tee, another wantiness

A couple of you guys have sent me the link to this ThinkGeek tee, so here you go, why don't you just go ahead and order me, size S, the blackest black available. Lovely steampunkiness for the tired, rainy office days.

wim delvoye's gone gothic

Hitch has just sent us this lovely picture of Belgian conceptual artist Wim Delvoye's gothic machine, one of many. Delvoye's just been to Budapest a couple of months ago, that I came to know with pity - although he's been here with the Cloaca contraption afaik (that's pretty similar to the one having presented at Linz, the Ars Electronica festival) and he's got so many more interesting, weird constructs - very similar to the majestic and gigantic ornamented vehicles of the Warhammer 40K universe.

cyberpunk's deemed dead, again

Every now and then the corpse of cyberpunk is being dragged and flailed around a wee bit more, now Marc Savlov of The Austin Chronicle gives head to to the Krokerian cock saying that the genre's death owes a lot to Longo's 1995 release of Johnny Mnemonic. Getting back to that point is such a bore, really.

Like all great literary and cultural movements – edgy, forward-thinking, smart, and mean – cyberpunk died a thousand deaths, not least of which was the arrival in theatres, in 1995, of Robert Longo's film adaptation of William Gibson's Johnny Mnemonic. Any genre codified in the flesh by Keanu Reeves – no matter how good the story – is doomed or, at the very least, clumsily embodied to the point of ridiculousness. You could, of course, make the argument that Reeves, who went on to play two of the most nuanced and socially relevant cyberpunk roles – Neo in The Matrix series and Bob Arctor in Richard Linklater's recent buzz-kill A Scanner Darkly – helped keep the genre alive in the minds of the Great Unwashed far longer than it would have lingered otherwise. But the final, single-tone, flat-line truth of the matter is that you simply don't hear cyberpunk-the-term being bandied about all that much anymore. (via)

zombie haiku: chocolate, but with more screaming

Just when you thought Friday couldn't get any more rabid than this.