From Twitch to QuietEarth and a couple dozens of other sites you could have already gathered: we have the first poster for the Neuromancer movie. And looking at the poster, I didn’t want to post it for a few days, thinking very much it’s a hoax. Because the poster, as you can see, has nothing, nothing to do with cyberpunk at all.

If it were for a steampunk movie, I’d like it. Because how I see it from here, the gears, the nails and all the contraptionry, it has more to do with antique than neonlite and rain. The cranial cables, those are fine. The mood it conveys, could make me remember Straylight. “Based on the book by William Gibson”? Makes me say oh-oh. Hardwired readers say Gibson hasn’t even been asked to work on the movie. (UPDATE 1: According to Indiewire, it is Gibson who’s working on the movie script right now.) The fact that I found out a week ago that Hayden Christensen is not listed as Case on the movie’s IMDB page, it’s mostly discarded by other sites. (Hope, that’s a hard bitch to kill, man.)

By the way, I watched Kahn’s movie, Torque, the one everyone managed to bash. I would so take the helm from him. Give it to Aronofsky. Tsukamoto. Wouldn’t say Cunningham, he’s been long off the job. Give the role of Finn to Iggy Pop. You know why Johnny Mnemonic was a good movie? Because it had the pop sensibility and the iconic guys of its era. You know why it’s going to be hard, trying to revive the Neuromancer spirit? Because we’ve already sped past it.