Snapshots/Angst (2CDEP, 2017)


  • This release comprises my first two EPs: Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto and Angst. There will be no reprints. (No, really. Ask me to sign it, wait for me to perish and your grandchildren will think fondly of you as they sell this CD on the virtual equivalent of eBay that runs within their bloodstream and is fuelled by corporate propaganda linguistic patterns. CDs will be the laughingstock of the meat universe and as such, cost hilarious amounts of whatever money is at that point.)
  • Martin Bowes of Attrition called this release Angst: The Album when releasing it via Bandcamp on his label Two Gods. That name is as valid as it is not: the CD does contain 70+ minutes of music, but technically speaking, it still is a 2EP release and also, 6 original tracks and 6 remixes still don’t sound like an album release to me. (People who buy the CD – THANK YOU!- do not seem to care whether it’s an LP or a 2EP release, so basically everyone is right at this point and I’m just typing this for CONFUSION SEO. Maybe.)
  • If you want to buy this, contact me on the official channels. I had a batch of 50 CDs printed as merch for my first gig and I still have a few lying around. There will be no reprints, though.