Planetdamage Debut Gig (2017.09.23 Blue Hole, video)

Live debut of Planetdamage – 23rd September, 2017 at Supersonic Blue Hole, Budapest (HU), opening for BLACK NAIL CABARET and ATTRITION. Photo above by BL Photo and Graphics.

Video footage by Kolos Gardonyi.


1. Enter 443
2. Vex
3. Angst
4. The Mark
5. Firewalls


  • Never thought I will first get on stage being 38 (never too late, apparently) and also being an opening act for my friends Black Nail Cabaret and for one of the bands whose music I grew up on – that’s Attrition. Martin Bowes (and a few other musician friends) did say that either will hate being on stage forever or the live bug will get me. Well, I do think it got me.
  • Very same process as being on stage for a lecture. I remember the first two minutes and the last two. Everything else is on autopilot. (And that’s why practicing makes so much sense.)
  • Color-coding your cables with tape seems like a legit idea until you realize it is too dark on stage.