Industrial Landscapes (features “Vex”, 2018)

INDUSTRIAL LANDSCAPES features songs from the following bands:
49th Octave, Alien Sex Channel, Altered States, ArasFocum feat. NeoCortext, Arbeit Sektor, Bloodgalaxy, B.W.S., Club Hive, CMC, Cyber [S]ain’t, Dr. Kondor & Dr. Akula, DT413, E-Diode, EMPELDE, First Aid 4 Souls, Goldmine 9, Gulga, Headcleaner, HENRY, Herr General, Human Vault, Industrial Wave Studio, LivingTotem, Lyuhász Lyácint BT, Munkás, Nadragea, Necrophone, NeoCortext, Nephilim, Neublut, NiteshifT, Noisy Deafness, Nostromo 7, O.C.T.S., Planetdamage, Plasma Pool, Rovar17 & Syporca Whandal, Schyzzo, S.N.O.T., Terminal Danger, The Aenigmachine, The Bahnhof, The Power, United Gods, Új Látásmód Fúzió, Vacuum, V.E.N., VoidMorf, Willful Deception, Working People,