MUSIC MAKING: COSMOSf, a graphical morphing engine for sound

“Stochastic morphing with distribution range for altering the morphing position, speed and interpolation control. Built-in mathematical functions to automatically and precisely move the morphing pointer in the space. Precise audio rate parameter update with the possibility of reaching amazing morphing speeds (44100times a second!) turns Cosmosƒ into a super oscillator by accumulating up to 4 different presets in heterogeneous micro event mixing mode prior to the morphing phase. It delivers an unheard medium by reaching the untouched points of the sonic universe.” (via




2012 AUDI e-bike

Introducing the new product this year from the Audi design. Two wheel cleaner and an unusually bright and aggressive means of overcoming obstacles and active lifestyles – E-Bike Wörthersee. Bike show at the annual exhibition and presentation of models of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda. In the combined cycle technology and a variety of excellent performance and speed that Audi had learned from his extensive experience in motorsports. (more at

(, via hardergeneration tibor)

PARKOUR: Done the right way


No source, but comes from Lumi.

ARS ELECTRONICA: Spaxels in London

Earth Hour London


(Linz/London, March 24, 2013) Following its world premiere at the Linz Klangwolke in September 2012, the Ars Electronica Futurelab’s computer-controlled swarm of four-rotor mini-whirlybirds—so-called quadcopters—took to the air again on Saturday, March 23, 2013 in a role and setting no less spectacular than the exciting technology itself: as high-tech heralds of Paramount’s “Star Trek – Into Darkness” that’s opening in movie theaters on May 9th. A squadron of 30 LED-studded AscTec Hummingbird quadcopters hovered above Potters Fields Park near London’s Tower Bridge and, in conjunction with Earth Hour, formed a three-dimensional Star Trek logo in the night sky. “This production was a really big challenge, but that’s exactly what made it so fascinating,” was the enthusiastic response of Ars Electronica Futurelab Director Horst Hörtner. “And this assignment from Paramount Pictures also attests to the worldwide sensation we’ve created since our debut show last autumn at the Klangwolke.” Daniel Gurdan, CEO and Director of Development at quadcopter manufacturer Ascending Technologies, was also personally involved in producing this extravaganza. “The first time the Futurelab approached us, I thought to myself: ‘These guys are totally nuts.’ But it quickly turned out that they knew exactly what they were after. Now, not even a year later, this show in London impressively demonstrates what we’ve achieved in the meantime!” (more in the official press release | and the ars electronica blog)

MUSIC: Absolute Grrrls Manifesto

"Absolute Grrls Manifesto" reminds us how proud we can all be to have so many brilliant female composers, writers, singers, poets, and artists, who all contribute so many gifts to the music scene! Sensibility, femininity, sexiness, power, wit, passion… : it's all in there!! Let these female voices shine through their diversity and rule your ears for the next 500+ minutes… Enjoy without holding back: "Power to the girls" today!




In a cyberpunk future where memories are interchangeable, a desperate man finds his salvation in stealing whole lives to remake his past. As he reflects on a user that went too far he finds that the pieces of the past are difficult to put together and impossible to escape.
ANAMNESIS is a cyber-punk short film directed by Brad Champagne and Co-Written by Brady Nelson. The many creative people involved in this film were able to overcome a shoestring budget, bringing a passion and ingenuity to their work that utilized ingenious prop design and special effects to bring to life a story about how our memories make us who we are.


Arnhem has Qlimax and now - the QR porn room


Hotel Modez based in the Dutch city of Arnhem (close to Germany) has launched a guerrilla marketing product: the QR-code porn room, available for just € 119 per night. During your stay you might not get a lot of sleep though. From walls to pillows, the whole room is covered with QR-codes. Walk around the room with your smartphone pointed at the codes, and they will unlock a world of erotic dreams on your screen.

We'd prefer Qlimax, if we're in Arnhem.

BOOKMARKS FOR 2013-03-22


  • New Distressed Wood Figures by Aron Demetz: Working in wood, Demetz uses this material to highlight both the harmony and conflicts that exist between man and nature. These works are not only a reflection of human emotion but hark back to far more primitive origins of the first interactions between people and their surroundings.
  • How Not To Save The Scene: “We as a scene also have to stop holding to the idea that we are underground.”
  • Buckle Your Brainpan: The Primer Director Is Back With a New Film: A spaceship in the woods. This is what Shane Carruth sees one day, looking out the backseat of his parents’ car. It’s the mid-’80s, and Carruth—age 11—is being driven through the green-lined back roads of Alexandria, Virginia, his latest hometown. His father is an engineer, and the family goes wherever the work is, most recently bouncing between the suburbs of DC and Dallas. But because his father’s latest job is with a government defense contractor, Shane isn’t allowed to know what he does or even where he works.

  • We've Reached Peak Infographic, and We're No Smarter for It: I'm not ready for an infographic about the death of infographics, but I'm sure someone somewhere has already assigned that piece, and is just waiting for us all to click.
  • An Interview With Blush Response: “Those sounds were previously confined to EBM, but eventually they became less ‘strange’, and the collective consciousness allowed them into the Top 40.”

  • The Film Before The Film, A Short Film on the History of Opening Titles: “The Film Before The Film” is an informative short documentary that traces the evolution of opening titles through the history of film. The documentary was created by Nora Thoes and Damian Pérez, both students at the BTK University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.
  • Short Documentary About Immediate Music, A Studio That Produces Scores for Movie Trailers: Immediate Music is a Santa Monica music studio that creates scores for movie trailers. The studio is extremely prolific—since 1993 their music has been featured in over 7,000 trailers and TV spots. Immediate Music co-founder Yoav Goren talks about his highly specialized work in this short documentary by SoundWorks Collection.

  • And as for our mad scientists...

    Missing Witch Doctor and Doktor Sleepless.

    What if Ghost in the Shell was real? (Arise)


    INFOGRAPHICS: Tastebuds in Numbers


    My latest infographic, done for the company I'm currently rocking with - that would be music-based community site Tastebuds. Check out all my previous infographics-related works here.

    BOOKMARKS FOR 2013-03-19 (interviews, music and whatthefucks)

    Hello. I still don't have time to write here excessively, most of my creative capacity goes into finishing up my ebook (publishing company bailed out on me, leaving me to do DTP, errata checks and distribution), working on my second book (novel, stuck at mid-synopsis limbo and those who've read it can't believe I did it without any mindbending chemistry) and the new issue of The Dose magazine (still working on the x minutes into the future premise) and generally (and mostly) trying not to go mad and keep on going which is an extremely interesting challenge in London this time of the year. Stick with this staccato love I give you for the time being.


  • Swans Leader Michael Gira On Aging, Social Networking, And Life After The Seer: Since everything is accessible everything tends to be denuded of content and equalized. In my time you had to go to a record store and search. It was a real process of discovery. But that’s just the way culture is now. I think it’s very good that the music is available.
  • “Through That Darkness You’ll Find the Light”: A.J. Samuels interviews Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan: You can’t think your way into doing the right thing. You have to act your way into it.
  • David Byrne’s Multiple-Personality Interview Of Himself: The idea was to adhere to a format “like 60 Minutes on acid”.
  • Many Lifetimes: An Interview With TVO: And you can have harsh noise, but you can still hear playfulness, or you can hear somebody manipulating it in a way that lets you know there's somebody in there, that you're getting something of the person.


  • Men Jailed In China For Stealing Corpses For ‘Ghost Marriages’: Ritual ghost marriages, which is believed to date back to the 17th century BC, is a custom in which parents find “spouses” for their unmarried, deceased children so that they can have a family in the afterlife. The tradition is rare in contemporary China, but still practiced in rural [areas].
  • Can a Sufficient Dose of Psilocybin Mushrooms Cure Someone of Atheism?: Whether you believe in the reality of unknown forces lurking behind the scenes and shaping the world you live in, you should probably get used to it. They’re called thoughts and you can’t see any of them, but they’re sure as hell shaping everything. Welcome to the wacky world of the Occult.
  • Let's Save Great Ideas from the Ideas Industry: Picasso would never have been invited to deliver a TED talk about Guernica because it offers no quick, easy, palatable solution ("Human Violence: Let's End It!!" #fivewordTEDtalks). Instead, it offers the precise opposite: a hard, unflinching, uncompromising portrait of grief. TED talks get rapturous standing ovations — but stand in front of Guernica for 18 minutes and exactly the opposite will happen: you will, and should, cry.
  • Sound from Silos: Live Experimental Audiovisuals Rumble a Man-made Cave: Making connections between Argentina and Germany, across an international collective of audiovisual artists, FxLD’s latest project invades a disused grain silo in Berlin. Literally in the shadow of Kreuzberg’s famed techno haven Watergate, the base of the silo is a narrow, concrete cave, broad-shouldered beams criss-crossing the space.
  • I WANNA BE JOHN PEEL EP 1: @MiikeTeknoist: my 1st attempt at presenting my own radio show with interviews with guests @DaveTheSect & @Subheads

  • MUSIC PRODUCTION: Trent Reznor in Studio, 2013

    Expect more music production and studio videos in the upcoming months.

    MUSIC PRODUCTION: Hecq forges music from noise

    Can't even describe perfectly enough the feeling of awe when watching a music production/insight video like that. HECQ's approach, his use of microphones (great idea with the hydrophone!) and how he calls his tracks living entities is just... reason enough to go back to his seminal album 0000 once again.

    VIDEO: New York biotopes

    My bachelor graduation project „New York Biotopes“ deals with abstract plants and creatures, which change their forms because of insufficient living space and adapt themselves to the surroundings of the metropolis New York City. A type of metamorphosis, where the newly developed vegetation assimilates elements of the city and makes them useful for their own purposes. These creatures and plants, partly mechanical, partly organically in appearance, spread more and more over the city and fill it up with life. (more on vimeo)

    VIDEO: Huron - Broken Science

    Toni Polkowski: This is my submission for "Anterior Cingulate Cortex". It's the name for the coming DVD from Perpetual Beta, a platform and network for the visualization of Netlabel Music that offers quality Graphic- and Motion Design to Netlabels and Musicians working under the Creative Commons License. The platform will be online end of 2012. More Infos on this project soon!
    It's a collaboration with the Berlin based musician Huron, who creates this amazing soundtrack for that movie.
    I wanted to create a mixture of experimental footage and martial art moves which should support the dynamic of the sound.
    (more on the `broken science` vimeo page)


    LOVE: More Hackers


    Acid Burn & Zero Cool.

    BREAKING: Neuromancer still in casting phase!

    According to the guys at the Neuromancer movie is still at the casting phase - or at least this is what director Vincenzo Natali told them. Visit their site for all the details - here's a little bit of what Natali had to say about the movie.

    The reason it takes so long is because you must have the right cast, and it takes forever to find the right actors.

    BOOKMARKS FOR 2013-03-08

  • Physicists To Test If Universe Is A Computer Simulation: Physicists have devised a new experiment to test if the universe is a computer. A philosophical thought experiment has long held that it is more likely than not that we're living inside a machine.
  • Dude Has 75 Percent of His Skull Replaced By 3D-Printed Replica: A man has had the first ever 3D-printed skull-replacement fitted, swapping out a whole 75 per cent of the bone in his head for a man-made replacement.
  • Tumblr CEO David Karp talks monetization, user franchises, and the power of the reblog button: In fact, Karp revealed, if an original piece of content is published to Tumblr, that content is on average reblogged nine times, appears in four Facebook feeds, and five Twitter feeds. So among the 80 million blogs on Tumblr, only between 10 and 15 percent of the content is deemed “original.”
  • Human brain treats prosthetic devices as part of the body: The researchers found that wheelchair-bound study participants with spinal cord injuries perceived their body’s edges as being plastic and flexible to include the wheelchair. Patients with lower spinal cord injuries who retained upper body movement showed a stronger association of the wheelchair with their body than those who had spinal cord impairments in the entire body.
  • How Big is Our Observable Universe?: Well, if the Universe is expanding and cooling, that means that in the future, it will be larger and cooler. But it also means that in the past, it was hotter and denser! In fact, we can extrapolate all the way back to an arbitrarily early time, where things were as hot and dense (and compact) as we care to allow them to be.*
  • Dolphins may be calling each other by name: "Each dolphin produces its own unique signature whistle that describes its individual identity," the researchers said in a University of St. Andrews press release. "The new study suggests that in fact dolphins are mimicking those they are close to and want to see again."
  • Brown University creates first wireless, implanted brain-computer interface: Researchers at Brown University have succeeded in creating the first wireless, implantable, rechargeable, long-term brain-computer interface. The wireless BCIs have been implanted in pigs and monkeys for over 13 months without issue, and human subjects are next.

  • VIDEO: Hecq + Geso AV live set @ ASA2013, Leipzig

    Audio visual performance by Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq) and Geso at Applied Sound Arts 2013, February 22, at Grassi Museum, Leipzig (Germany).

    VIDEO: Lumocité 2013

    Some of the city-lights could not be switched off, for this reason I've shared the 3d animation itself too, viewable on the left side.
    Many thanks for Nosaj Thing and his manager Todd C. Roberts for letting us use their music!
    Lumocité 2013 - Eveniment urbain illuminesque - was part of the Carnival de Quebec / February: 6-9, Quebec
    Organized by Alain Dubé / Alain Dubé Events

    BOOKMARKS FOR 2013-03-07

  • The Emperor’s Vintage Clothes: how Goth and EBM recycled themselves: Like a rather bedraggled and dusty phoenix, goth has rebirthed itself in a way that echoes its 30+ year history as well as explores new ground.
  • 16 Ways The Crow and Robocop Are The Same Film: For no real reason other than for curiosity’s sake, I’m going to demonstrate how the first film adaptation of The Crow is essentially the fantasy version of Verhoeven, Neumeier and Miner’s sci-fi masterpiece. Where Robocop uses science to explain the plot’s impossibilities, The Crow uses the supernatural.
  • 4 Ways to Amplify Your Creativity: According to Bruce Nussbaum, author of a new book titled Creative Intelligence,”Creativity is learned behavior that gets better with training—like sports. You can make creativity routine and a regular part of your life.”



    ANGELSPIT - Sunrise
    Needle Fac†ory - Shut Up and Riot
    Videohead & Dead Sound - Degree
    Blush Response - Heathen Life
    Houratron - A699F
    ANGELSPIT - Massive
    Felix Cartal - World Class Driver
    The Prodigy - Smack My B*tch Up (Major Lazer RMX)
    Nero - Go Back
    ANGELSPIT - Defribrillator (Pull Out Kings RMX)