Hello. I still don’t have time to write here excessively, most of my creative capacity goes into finishing up my ebook (publishing company bailed out on me, leaving me to do DTP, errata checks and distribution), working on my second book (novel, stuck at mid-synopsis limbo and those who’ve read it can’t believe I did it without any mindbending chemistry) and the new issue of The Dose magazine (still working on the x minutes into the future premise) and generally (and mostly) trying not to go mad and keep on going which is an extremely interesting challenge in London this time of the year. Stick with this staccato love I give you for the time being.


  • Swans Leader Michael Gira On Aging, Social Networking, And Life After The Seer: Since everything is accessible everything tends to be denuded of content and equalized. In my time you had to go to a record store and search. It was a real process of discovery. But that’s just the way culture is now. I think it’s very good that the music is available.
  • “Through That Darkness You’ll Find the Light”: A.J. Samuels interviews Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan: You can’t think your way into doing the right thing. You have to act your way into it.
  • David Byrne’s Multiple-Personality Interview Of Himself: The idea was to adhere to a format “like 60 Minutes on acid”.
  • Many Lifetimes: An Interview With TVO: And you can have harsh noise, but you can still hear playfulness, or you can hear somebody manipulating it in a way that lets you know there’s somebody in there, that you’re getting something of the person.


  • Men Jailed In China For Stealing Corpses For ‘Ghost Marriages’: Ritual ghost marriages, which is believed to date back to the 17th century BC, is a custom in which parents find “spouses” for their unmarried, deceased children so that they can have a family in the afterlife. The tradition is rare in contemporary China, but still practiced in rural [areas].
  • Can a Sufficient Dose of Psilocybin Mushrooms Cure Someone of Atheism?: Whether you believe in the reality of unknown forces lurking behind the scenes and shaping the world you live in, you should probably get used to it. They’re called thoughts and you can’t see any of them, but they’re sure as hell shaping everything. Welcome to the wacky world of the Occult.
  • Let’s Save Great Ideas from the Ideas Industry: Picasso would never have been invited to deliver a TED talk about Guernica because it offers no quick, easy, palatable solution (“Human Violence: Let’s End It!!” #fivewordTEDtalks). Instead, it offers the precise opposite: a hard, unflinching, uncompromising portrait of grief. TED talks get rapturous standing ovations — but stand in front of Guernica for 18 minutes and exactly the opposite will happen: you will, and should, cry.
  • Sound from Silos: Live Experimental Audiovisuals Rumble a Man-made Cave: Making connections between Argentina and Germany, across an international collective of audiovisual artists, FxLD’s latest project invades a disused grain silo in Berlin. Literally in the shadow of Kreuzberg’s famed techno haven Watergate, the base of the silo is a narrow, concrete cave, broad-shouldered beams criss-crossing the space.
  • I WANNA BE JOHN PEEL EP 1: @MiikeTeknoist: my 1st attempt at presenting my own radio show with interviews with guests @DaveTheSect & @Subheads