Recorded in Moscow, DOM-club, live with Phurpa, 2011-Oct-29, posted via EdwardDarOrla, someone with an apparent great interest in not only Phurpa but anything Tegin.

You might have noticed my interest on the interwebs for Phurpa, the rgyud skad overtone chanting Russian ritual group with a special interest in Bön, Tibetan pre-Buddhist practices. (Here’s the first PD post about them on 2011.01.01.) This is a recent find – a collaboration between Phurpa and Alissa Nicolaï, shrieking on drone, pain over matter, not unlike the Die Form/Aube collaboration Ukiyo (with the vocals of Mutsumi Oku) or the more anguish-filled releases of Mother Destruction/Sixth Comm.

Dress made by Alissa. Iron ribs and fingers made by Alexei Tegin (leader of Phurpa). Photos by Gremo Photography.