personal note: the best of both worlds (and nyan shuffle)

Hello, fellow readers, friends, haters and everybody else who just popped in to hide from the rain SUN death. A brief non-automatic note from The Damage: it is summer, people wear significantly less clothes in the asphalt jungle and they smile more. AND I took up biking. So halving my time online has never been easier. I'd like to finish that book of mine the soonest (about cyberpunk, pop culture, the future and other random things of high intensity), so I killed my habit of posting the half-drafts, ergo: even less content. (That's another thing that everybody's writing a book nowadays but hey. Age of whatever is coming.) Child of Eden got released on June 17th: one of the best IPs Japanese cyberpunk ever produced. (EVER.) Consequently: even less content. I think I also started to diversify my channels, so I post a lot of things on Facebook and Twitter as well - follow me on either or both platforms. No promises this time: writing will always be good but as long as I'm not getting any inspiration, motivation or a tinge of ROCK SUCCESS out of whatever I've been doing, I'm trying something else to take my brain off the hook and keep myself relatively sane.

Sealing all this with a great summer drum'n'bass track by Child of Eden soundtrack producer virtual idoru band Genki Rockets (the Sunrise remix on the Heavenly Star EP). (I also gave much thought about completely redesigning the blog. Still looking for a Hilariously Huge and Powerful Coffeemug of ROCK to kickstart that whole project.) But I'm away to fuckoffery, far from the interwebs. I might also take up nyan shuffling, its level of disturbing reality on so many levels is unparalleled. Thank you. This was and always will be as long as I don't forget to pay the domain fees

azo: full-body martial arts motion controller

I play a lot of video games on all gaming platforms. I was skeptical about the Kinect last year but the whole controller free full-body motion experience turned out to be enjoyable.

I also found out that good old fashion wired controllers already support fully-body motions. In fact these old controllers are pretty fun to play with, even if you don't own a console or a TV. (via kotaku)

mondo: a jubileumi, egyben ötvenedik szám tartalmából

A mai naptól a Relay, az In Medio és a Tesco újságárusainál kapható egy triplapresszó áráért (790) az új Mondo, erről havi szinten bővebb híradást fogtok kapni, mert a szerkesztőség promógremlinjeit elvitte a busójárás meg a sugárban bele a tízezer éves hamvvederbe. A május kimaradt, mert az én promógremlinjeimet is elvitte a, ellenben ez az ötvenedik számunk, úgyhogy vegyétek.

A tartalomvázlatot most nem olvasom fel, kattintsátok meg az éppen aktuálist, ott vannak screenshotok meg részletes tartalomjegyzék, amiből - mint hivatásos és nemkívánt orvosotok és ügyvédetek - személy szerint a Versus elemzést, a japán űrkutatást, a Witcher 2-t és a D, a vámpírvadászt javaslom mélyebb fogyasztásra. (Igen, mélyebb. Get over it.). Ellenben tényleg elérkeztünk az ötvenedik számhoz.
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Mi lenne, ha...

...végre összevonnám az összes blogom és elkezdeném kiposztolni az összes anyagot, vért és savat, amit eddig a diplomatikus udvariasság jegyében kihagytam az életemből?

mater suspiria vision - seduction of the armageddon witches

-This new video is written and directed by Diego Barrera and takes the themes of Mater Suspiria Vision to an exciting new level. Two of my personal favorite directors, Parajanov and Jodorowsky come to mind as we move away from CdX’s appropriated cult-horror and into Barrera’s vision which delves into the realm of Transcendental Cinema.-
(msv at vimeo, via warrenellis)

the backwater gospel

Bachelor film project 2011 from The Animation Workshop. As long as anyone can remember, the coming of The Undertaker has meant the coming of death. Until one day the grim promise fails and tension builds as the God fearing townsfolk of Backwater wait for someone to die. (Thx, dsila!)

aldious: little devil butterflies (yes, ageha-kei)

The members dig video games and were there to check out the game's co-op mode. Aldious is an up-and-coming girls rock band. That's not a first for Japan, but from first appearances, they'd look more at home in a hostess bar. Make no mistake, these gals rock.
Formed in Osaka in 2008, indie band Aldious began with Rami on vocals and Yoshi on guitar, but had fleshed out its current line-up by last year. The group released its first CD single themselves, self-recorded and distributed in Osaka music shops, where it quickly sold out. Last fall, the girls released their debut full-length album, Deep Exceed.
(via kotaku)

gears of war 3 live action trailer (by try force productions)

This clip is the work of Chicago's Try Force Productions. The team focuses on making high-quality live-action shorts on the cheap. They're trying to raise a thousand bucks for their new flick, a trailer for a short set in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. (via kotaku)

headhunterz: new monthly podcast "hard with style" breaks euphoria barrier

Last summer we found Qlimax and the sound of the summer (not just last summer but any summer, actually) was the 2009 set of Headhunterz. And if we thought it broke the euphoria barrier, we thought it wrong. This time there's another release Willem made that's gonna make you smile inside your pants, a monthly cast called Hard With Style showcasing all his latest favourites (and of course, a few of his own releases). Something to tune into every month - this one is gorgeously supported by jumpstyle4ever! (Oh yeah. Headhunterz on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, check out his things scattered all over the fantastic interwebs!)