Reminds me of how we all could reconstruct the MTV 120 Minutes video jukeboxes of yore when Bill Leeb looked more like a disenfranchised teenager than a bored shaman, guitar rave was still a hip thing and people making electronic music that made us all jump were considered to be magicians. Does anyone still remember 120 Minutes? UPDATE: Playlists are here!?
While you’re thinking about this, I’m sharing you this dragontape from my time with The Dose magazine so far, including music videos from bands we’ve interviewed in the Budapest, Tokyo, London and Paris issues. Weird and enjoyable party music for you people who haven’t been properly grabbed by any subculture and if you have, please enjoy. You can download all previous Dose issues for free, except for the Paris issue which is 4 euros and still available as a digital download via PayPal. Check the teaser and then buy it as a weekend read, it’ll be fun!

1. Juno Reactor – Inca Steppa
2. Headscan – Sentinel
3. Neo – Absolution (live)
4. Tankt – Bush on Fire
5. Ayria – Red Shift (live)
6. Celldweller – Switchback
7. D’espairs Ray – Forbidden (live)
8. Punish Yourself – CNN War
9. Angelspit – Vena Cava
10. Day-Már – Embrace the Night
11. Nohno feat. Toshinori Kondo – Wound
12. Shiv-R – The End
13. Foretaste – Dying for the First Time of My Life
14. Miss Kittin – Kittin is High
15. Black Nail Cabaret – Tell Me It’s Not Over (Starsailor cover)
16. Aural Vampire – Freeeze!
17. The Birthday Massacre – Video Kid (live)
18. Pitchshifter – Genius
19. BAAL – Dead Rock Enemy (live)
20. New Project – Coma
21. Mentallo & The Fixer – Opening the Bandwidth (live)
22. Juno Reactor – Masters of the Universe (live)