mass effect 3: first trailer

Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, your only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth. (via joystiq)

Release window? As it appears in the trailer, Holiday 2011. Oh really? Whenever Bioware releases ME3, it's going to become a holiday. Joystiq breaks news in another post that ME3 will include multiplayer.

qlimax 2010 after movie

Finally, this year's Qlimax aftermovie is out! Expecting the DVD in the upcoming months, livesets were amazing - this trailer doesn't even sniff the real atmosphere of the Gelredome transformation. Still. Image below is Stephanie, Italian hardstyle diva (Q-Dance - InQontrol 2010 - SAVE.EXIT.PLANET - Amsterdam RAI (2010-04-17), for the image).

2010: the linkbox of memory lane

A skatepark light angel, created by photographer Ben Matthews,via

These are the links/posts that never made it to planet://damage, excluding personal photos of doom, awesomeness and porn. Didn't comment all these links, because it would have been tedious and I've already spent some time selecting stuff from my bookmarks, Twitter and Google Reader faves, so there, you'll at least spend some time sifting through the garbage. Thanks to everyone who sent any of these to me in the hours of need - you know who you are.
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kick it: drop that beat like an ugly baby

It's a sort-of sequel to Aaaaa, except this time you're falling through sky cities rendered via your music collection. As you import tracks in, shapes and formations are created depending on the music. Right now it's fairly simple, as the game is still in alpha, but the guys are hoping to make it seriously clever - so for example, if your song mentions dragons, the final game will hopefully throw dragons at you. (via

deus ex: human revolution - cyberpunk making a comeback in 2011

Did I say it's making a comeback? I was sort of smearing around the truth. First generation cyberpunk stories making a comeback with gun and implant porn (not unlike the CP2020 sourcebooks I just managed to lay my hands on), a metropolis that still doesn't have any pedestrians wondering around (one of my greatest con arguments against city simulations) and it doesn't even look like an open-ended sandbox world. These five minutes? You've probably seen most of it scattered throughout the previous shorter trailers but hey - it's here, it's extended and it's Friday. Go enjoy. (sent in by Riplakoidase)

inception: the reality hacking app

The Reverie Dream is the first experience you will encounter upon entering your dreamworld. It acts as a guide to propel you into the world of augmented audio by twisting and mangling sounds from your environment as music from the Inception soundtrack slowly creeps in. Start to perceive the world around you in a completely different way - Our dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realise something was actually strange. (

[bukkake brawl] pre-amazon/smashwords launch sale!

Mei is an indentured slave in the brawl pits of Yue Fong, a floating city in the Corean Strait. When her little sister Nin is brutally murdered by a midget man-god with a cock the length of a firehose, she must rage through sex, semen and sharks to exact a revenge. The eBook (230 pp) comes in a DRM-free PDF file along with a image of the cover and a wallpaper version of by the awesome Alan Bernard.

Interested in getting Bukkake Brawl? I am but I'm still unable to move until I drink another coffee. Be faster than sad-eyed gonzo journalist and head over to JunkDNA Fiction for details.

ducked and covered: a survival guide to the post apocalypse

As shared by Mr. m1k3y on, a jolly good laugh. Also: important pieces of knowledge on how to use an abundance of charred human skulls.

kaylene lau, upper-hand prosthetic design

Featuring a flexible design, the prosthetic arm adjusts to allow a variety of different grips to hold a variety of objects with minimum fuss. The Prosthetic Arm also integrates motors and cables, which help the user control the amount of arm curls required for different tasks. Presenting a simple yet effective design, the new prosthetic limb makes users self-reliant, as they can carry out their everyday tasks without any assistance. (via thedesignblog, sent in by miss @vividfluxury, thx!)

star wars droid swimsuits

Cory posted in October about the R2-D2 swimsuit, but now Black Milk Clothing has added C-3P0 to the line as well! "Artoo Loves Threepio". (via boingboing)

the top 15 tron-inspired music videos / a legjobb 15 tron-ihlette videoklip

Támad a retrofuturizmus, avagy így néz ki a popipar, ha a Tron neon geometriáját keni a reggeli kalácsra - az eredeti Daft Punk Derezzed filmelőzetesétől méltán elfelejtett olasz rapmetálig, szomorúszemű indie fiúkig és érthetetlenül neonsurranós, ámbár jókosarú csajokig fut a lista, megérdemlitek-kakukktojással a végén: tizenöt videoklip, amit a Tronnak köszönhetünk.
Retrofuturism is breathing down your necks, or this is how pop industry looks like if it drops the morning Kellogg's into Tron's neon geometries. A terrific and terrifying compilation of fifteen music videos inspired by Tron - from obscure Italian crossovers to sad-eyed indie boys and neon sneaker hotties, not excluding Daft Punk's Derezzed. But there's so much more.
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ez a törzshelyünk: pest legjobb koreai étterme

A diszgráfiás étlapszerző ujjait valószínűleg egyesével építették egybe a bungeejumping-kötéllel, mielőtt ledobták volna az északi összekötőről, mert egy sort se írt le helyesen (de még azt is rosszul), a szomorúfűz-retro függönnyel eltakart konyharészből Falloutot megszégyenítő riasztó szól, amitől a fiúk fiktív, víz és vodka elegyével teli fürdőkádba buknak alá (a nagyon óvatosak a piros-fehér asztalterítőktől már visszafordulnak az ajtóból), az este nyolc után érkező üzletemberek meg extra szívdobbanás nélkül gyújtanak rá egyszerre egy fél csomagra a szomszédos asztalnál, mégis vagy három éve ez a törzshelyünk, Budapest legjobb koreai étterme. (itt meg a foursquare, címmel együtt, Zichy Jenő 9, az Arany János utcai metrómegállótól két percre, a Serpával szemben, ahonnan mindig nagyon helyes, ugyanakkor nagyon részeg lányok jönnek ki)
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beyond the black rainbow trailer

Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of 1983, Beyond The Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons. Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a disturbed and beautiful girl (Allan) is held captive by a doctor in search of inner peace. Her mind controlled by a sinister technology. Silently, she waits for her next session with deranged therapist Dr. Barry Nyle (Rogers). If she hopes to escape, she must journey through the darkest reaches of The Institute... but Nyle wonʼt easily part with his most gifted and dangerous creation. (via io9, via quietearth)

tron legacy projection mapping in london

The full projection mapping sequence from the HP ePrint & TRON: Legacy Experience on the the roof of the QEH on London’s Southbank, late Nov/early Dec 2010. An immersive visual spectacle augmented with snippets from Daft Punk's soundtrack and orignal sound FX from the film... in no way enhanced by the bitterly cold weather. By creative agency Guided Collective in collaboration with collective members Flat-e & Seeper. (via io9, more info at guided collective)

the dried 'naga viper' chili test: 1,349,000 (SHU)

Gerald Fowler who runs a Chili Pepper Company out of Cumbria, England told Daily Mail that, "The Naga Viper's hot is enough to strip paint. It numbs your tongue, then burns all the way down... but it's a marvelous endorphin rush." Gerald Fowler developed the Naga Viper by cross-breeding three other very hot chili peppers. He used the Ghost Pepper (Bhut Joloika), Naga Morichi, and Trinidad Scorpion. (via allvoices, recommended by @dawe_)

It actually makes me think about doing another jolokia run, anyone up for it?


Leap tall buildings in a single bound! Shatter concrete! Or just impress your friends. This gadget clips onto platform boots, knee high, or calf-high boots with at least two inches of heel and toe rubber. One size fits all. Made from lightweight aluminum and ABS plastic. They are comfortable, tough, easy to install and remove. LED lighting effects in two styles can be added. Available in red, blue, green or white or amber. Lights take two 9V batteries (sold seperately) and the switch is hidden behind each knee. (exo-boots at, sent in by @balazskassai)

norwegian ninja: for those special weekends

If Gregg Araki's Kaboom wasn't enough for you for today (readers are coming up hard for me, draped in WTF), here's another gem of cross-cultural lomo-retro gendarmerie - Norwegian Ninja. It is cheesy, it is fun, doesn't take itself too seriously and it introduces the concept of viking ninja. See below. (And there's also a YouTube sequel to it called The New-Norwegian Ninja. Significantly less serious but we're all invited to mess up our ancestors' traditions with a few kunoichi, right?)

kaboom (gregg araki, 2010)

Araki’s upbeat tone points to a revelation at the heart of his accomplishment. Regardless of its precedents, “Kaboom” never feels as angry as his earlier works. That’s not to say he has matured into an optimist; instead, it speaks to the way he lures you in with a deceptively cheery strategy before unleashing an ideological ambush. Consider Smith’s prophetic resident advisor, a stoner named The Messiah and appropriately played by “Doom Generation” lead James Duval. The same face from the 1995 movie reappears all grown up with no place to go. Araki even pays homage to his canon with a line referencing the “creeping sense of doom” haunting his entire ensemble. (via indiewire)

porn is the new black

This is a test post. Testing wonderful technicalities! I might leave this here as a reminder, though. (sent in by @honeymooncroon)

now you can see the future in a browser

A startup called Recorded Future has developed a tool that scrapes real-time data from the Internet to find hints of what will happen in the future. The company's search tool spits out results on a timeline that stretches into the future as well as the past. (recorded future, via technologyreview)

♫ new skin - sweet talk (misery lab remix)

A brilliant razorsharp candy fusion of obscure of LDN/Swedish goth pop (New Skin), ex-Rosetta Stone Porl King's remixing handiwork (Miserylab), flavoured with too many long memories about being involved with the Goth crowd, even before I started promoting. (Great times, altogether.) Dug up from the treasurebox of eleven months worth' of bookmarks, faves and starred items that I'm busy either deleting or sorting them into winter posts. Want this track? You can find it on Gothic Divas Presents: Switchblade Symphony, Tre Lux and New Skin - for the album, get the self-titled 2006 Cleopatra edition here. (Recommended by @honeymooncroon.)

on off

Don't know where this came from, if you know the source, let me know. Source is strany/deviantart, pinpointed with ruthless rock by ÁdámSzabó, thx!