A skatepark light angel, created by photographer Ben Matthews, via grinding.be.

These are the links/posts that never made it to planet://damage, excluding personal photos of doom, awesomeness and porn. Didn’t comment all these links, because it would have been tedious and I’ve already spent some time selecting stuff from my bookmarks, Twitter and Google Reader faves, so there, you’ll at least spend some time sifting through the garbage. Thanks to everyone who sent any of these to me in the hours of need – you know who you are.

Activate the Three Artefacts and then Leave Bit.Trip Beat Cubesome Dyad Flotilla Hazard: The Journey of Life (standalone demo) Hoshi Saga Ringoame Microsia Planck Proun Sp.A.I. Synth (TM) Tales of Unspoken World Waves (Squid in a Box)

Are we too plugged in? distracted vs. enhanced minds Deep-sea bacteria form Avatar-style electrochemical networks First person experience of body transfer in a virtual reality First video to reveal growth of stem cells that manufacture blood Gapminder makes statistics awesome – now on your desktop (video) HP invents a central nervous system for the Earth Immortal jellyfish Impossible planet from beyond the Milky Way discovered Intendix, the brain computer interface goes commercial (video) In the future, you’ll play Tetris on your skin Japanese scientists develop elastic water Look inside $2000 augmented reality glasses (video) Medical breakthrough: genetically engineered blood is here Memory-foam battery concept lets you go from AA to D Mexican city becomes test-bed for next-gen surveillance tech Microbes on keyboards can be used to identify typists New skin printer could print you some new skin Proposed space-time cloak to “hide” events? QTC robot skin feels how hard you touch Scientist invents new method for possibly reading minds, recording dreams Scientist proves that humans are psychic Scientists can now erase scary memories Scientists create device that can project images from dreams Scientists predict the possibility of “shadow biosphere” Spaceflight simulator shocks astronauts’ brains to fake reentry The gorgeous molecular biology movie that’s taken the world by storm Top 10 YouTube videos about internet of things Trees with glowing nanoparticles could replace streetlights Twelve videos that will help you love the future Umbilical iPhones, cyborg tumors and remote-controlled hearts: the man-machinery of Mio I-zawa Videogames train you for lucid dreaming? What ten sounds are most likely to make you react? Where cinema and biology meet World’s first mechanical cellphone to be revealed Your computer really is a part of you

Book about extreme fashion subculture in The Congo Clothes with matrix codes put information up front Cyberoptix Tie Lab Danielle Nicole Hills: Gilding Primal Instinct Darkfin gloves Fluid-filled dress knit from plastic tubes Go-gloves: shine on! Gucci Guilty – the trailer How to make a 3D paper-clone of yourself for under $40 Let’s dress like it’s the end of the world (and we’re playing Stalker) Make your own papercraft Borderlands psycho bandit mask Making your own Tron suit is easier than you think ‘Masked in Flight’ medical masks double as Halloween costumes Multifunctional clothes for modern mystics Oakley’s 3D Tron glasses are for true fans only Orthodontic medical Elephant man-inspired fashion Programmable LED umbrella This is Tron inspired fashion, believe it or not Tron Legacy space-hooker shoe couture by Disney Yves Saint-Laurent’s designs will inspire the robot civilization that survives us

A drug that could give you perfect visual memory Alan Moore on Austin Osman Spare Ancient temples designed for tripping A wistful video-salute to the dark side Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye Basic Perinatal Matrix I Cash graffiti Chatroulette clones: a new market for random connections Coilhouse kindred spirit: Yaso magazine ‘Color A Sound’ art installation turns an overhead projector into a musicbox Contribute sound art fo SYZYGRYD Cthulhu Cthursday: God is the Queen Cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, the Technoccult interview Documentary of Austin musician Kimberly Freeman on YouTube Exploration of different dark ambient styles Fan updating David Lynch’s “Dune” with modern fx Fritz Kahn’s cybernetic body art is like Terminator circa 1920 Grant Morrison documentary out now – plus, new wired interview Grant Morrison, the Suicidegirls interview How to meticulously make a lightsaber out of spare parts Hypersigils reconsidered Intellectual history of cannibalism Light art performance photography Making future magic: iPad light painting McLuhan’s “Medium is the Massage” LP Military police meets Zen buddhism Moonlight Cushion for really, really soft mood lighting Music is what numbers feel like Neti neti Phantom Circuit Post Human Era – transhumanism music you can dance to Programming and metaprogramming in the human biocomputer Retinex: an augmented reality comic book R.U. Sirius interview on the open source Mondo 2000 history project Screamsheet, a cyberpunk zine from 1988 Super Punch’s webby Tarot Synth Britannia (documentary) Take a pill, remember everything? The alchemists of sound (documentary) The eight systems of consciousness The future of nymphomania The master Voudou drummers The Matrix and the Invisibles The psychedelic transhumanists The next big drug: designer neurostim The self as metaprogrammer Tiger Lilies creepy cabaret punk Timothy Leary: Chaos & Cyberculture Tortura Trippy bowls inspired by spiders on drugs Typhonian Times: being a guide to the works of Kenneth Grant When light graffiti meets performance art

An imaginary labyrinth 650 miles square AttractiveCity – an interactive city generator Augmented city 3D Bruce Sterling interview on Modern Cities Cityscape made of staples Designs for a vertical city Entire buildings turned into 3D TVs – awesome videos Five modern abandoned cities Google Street View is recording the entire world Green cities and the urban operating system Here today, drawn tomorrow: 16 future visions of 10 cities Korean building displays otherworldly beauty of Asian script How Tron:Legacy’s director users his architecture background The future of maps: 3D, realtime and totally personalized The totalitarian Buddhist who beat Sim City William Gibson on Google’s Earth Zaha Hadid designs another spectacular, spacey building

A multicellular organism that lives without oxygen Brian Eno: the Dick Flash interview Chemical origami used to create a DNA Möbius strip Concerning the symbolism of Tarot trumps: a new interpretation? Creative ideas are all around us Exorcists gather in Poland Friends with cognitive benefits: mental function improves after certain kinds of socializing Geometric Death Frequency takes over museum courtyard Germans create ‘genetic robots’ that design themselves and mutate – seriously How language shapes thought How to rebuild your attention span and focus Inevitable Tron XXX parody titled Pron has glow job scene Lost Alan Moore essay on magic Orbiting 3D printers could print out new space stations Portable Minecraft on your USB key QR codes make building transparent Sociology as a martial art (Pierre Bordieu), documentary The varieties of intimate relationship The weirdest story ideas come from your own obsessions Video of a 3D printer in action World’s first ice touchscreen virtually burns

†‡† (Cross Doublecross Cross?) 21C magazine A cyberpunk átértékelődése 100 YEN: the Japanese arcade experience Afrocyberpunk Are you living in a computer simulation? A short film shot not with cameras but with GTA IV Auxiliary magazine, the october issue Coloured X-rays of flowers turning X-ray into an art by Hugh Turvey Concept vehicles Dekotora art trucks direct to video Disney princess gallery Drift deck, analog edition Drop Dead magazine Druidák raid előtt Engaging transhumanism: the meaning of being human Evolution of sex Flatline constructs Flesh & Blood: a body modification documentary by Larry Silverman Found photo: odd gentleman and family, 1860s Sussex Generative Gestaltung codes Impressive steampunk leather masks Institute for the Future Is rock over? Jeff Bridges’ Dude abides in bizarre Tron/Lebowski mashup Katsuobushi k-punk: ‘a rupturing of this collective amnesia’ Leenia #7: Cyberpunk is dead Metal Anemone (Design by Humans teeshirt Moscow metro map Postgenderism: beyond the gender binary Power-generating wearable tech couture Psyko headphones take the speakers out of your ears (and puts them on your head) Quantum entanglement holds DNA together Sam Gosling – Snoop, the secret language of stuff Scientists develop new way to decipher hidden messages in symbols Seeing languages differently Speaking in Code Shamanism in the Age of Reason The art pack meets William Gibson The birth of hypermusic: sounds from another dimension The cybernetic self The future is more unevenly distributed than scientists originally predicted The weirdest, most beautiful scene you’ll see today: A living sex doll discovers true passion (maybe NSFW) This incompetent robot will self-destruct This rocking lead singer is a 3D hologram Time likely to end within 5 billion years, physicists calculate Tokyo Demo Fest 2011 Tools of measurement for social media Twitter: 10 psychological insights William Gibson on Zero History, in conversation with Cory Doctorow