From an era when well-behaved witches still had their daily intake of Tina Root on factory-pressed CDs in their threatening but also adoringly fashionable purses of DOOM and WOE. We are living now in times that tell us that the Schoolgirl Lolita, whoever she really is (being an American God or not) needs a new heir, Tina Root (of above-mentioned and also presently very defunct Switchblade Symphony) now out the stage window and Chibi slowly but definitely losing the schoolgirl look since the Video Kid… video. I know it sounded bad. There is a punishment due later on with bukkake loa and that little dwarf with antlers that are actually dildos, they just look antlers. And a pair of Argentina steak sisters. Blindfolded and Chuck Norrised back into existence. But I digress. So all in all, we have a goddess in pop culture if you haven’t noticed and her grandiose name is Schoolgirl Lolita. And her devotees might have a knack for using the Hello Kitty Tarot. Or tentacles. For divining, of course. I feel a very drugged-out and outworldish mythology coming up. Whatever I regurgitate, there’s a novel coming up. I need inspiration, then something I call inspiration but it definitely doesn’t count as such. And then, a paycheck. So, enjoy. Switchblade Symphony was actually a great band. Rest in peace. Get the DVD.