Esoteric kitsch never gets old. You see, Tarot is just like your mother tongue: it hardwires your brain to a specific way of thinking about your world, per se giving you specific permission on what you can and can’t do with reality. And as you try to rape that language and reality, trying to find the rules that are bendable and breakable, they will probably, with fate’s own twist of irony, rape you back. Tarot is quite the same. There are decks that render your brain without any apparent difficulty on the table. There are decks that might look gorgeous but are very hard to decipher for your feeble little geek brains. And then there are some that leave you wondering about HOW these manifestums of the Minor Arcana might give you any fucking clue about reality and its underlying code. Like the Hello Kitty Tarot. It is not a question of being authentic or not, oh, it is authentic enough in its very own birthright. Just wondering how it might look like when you actually really pull off a divination with these. (Tell me, do the brains of any girls between 8 and 16 look like these?) (pics to the left via, those below via