This past month? It was about digging up obscure stuff on YouTube, partly amateur cyberpunk concepts, short films, idea buds, you name it. One lucky contestant was Penfield’s Electrode, Brainmove’s weird mixture of a moody narrative and when the medical bioterror storyline would kick in, bam, cliffhanger. No part two anywhere. We even missed it.

So, I had a friendly chat with the man behind Penfield’s Electrode. The project is basically a one-man show with some friends helping out with the acting and Brainmove working on the story, editing and recruiting friends who need to be convinced over pints of beer. (What’s more to come, he’ll be making his debut as the male lead in a couple of episodes.) It’s basically all wrapped together with a cheap Canon handycam, an iMac and a CompositeLab Pro. Some progress has already been done on the second episode and it’s going to be done in a reasonable timeframe. Whatever that means.