These are times for good science fiction. Seriously. First, it’s Duncan “Zowie Bowie” Jones with his rendition of alienation with his superbly shot Moon (featuring Sam Rockwell as himself and Kevin Spacey as Kevin Spacey’s voice! HAL revisited! another sample source for oldschool psy and electro-industrial musicians! who all love David Bowie anyways!) and now – actually, on the 14th of August – it’s time for Neill Blomkamp’s alien apartheid action movie District 9. I’ve previously mentioned Blomkamp’s work, so check up on that – aliens have been stranded on Earth for 28 years with the zaibatsu Multi-National United creating regulated zones to herd them up. So far, the trailers have shown us interrogation scenes, aliens confessing to want to go home, earthlings who are afraid and lots of warning signs. The new trailer is here and it shows us physically superior creatures, monstrous mecha technology that’s actually able to catch an RPG in mid-air without too much of a hassle. And some sort of a spray that transforms humans into something the military calls freaks. Gorgeous. These are times for good science fiction.