You remember commercial and movie director Neill Blomkamp and his short South African docudrama entitled Alive in Joburg? All about alien apartheid in six and a half minutes, about how they arrived on this planet and how they managed to get segregated in camps, living in slums with a mothership hovering in the background, native African Americans complaining about poleepkwa.. neatly done, if you’re into the social side of science fiction.

Now Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp stand behind a full-length SF drama set in the same universe. District 9, according to Slashfilm is about a peacekeeper agent, who’s on the run from the oppressive government because of his alien biotechnology infection and yeah, he’s heading straight into the alien internment camps where they’ve been held for thirty years. Movie hits theaters on the 14th of August. Below, that’s the Alive in Joburg short.