dna out of business?

Go and youtube DNA Lounge. This SF venue welcomed bands from Terrorfakt to Nachtmahr to The Birthday Masssacre and now the California Department of Alcoholic Beverages Control tries to put them out of business. Apparently the Lounge is "disorderly" and "injurious to public welfare and morals". Reports in by @warrenellis (also on his site) and on the Lounge servers.

transhumanist post-cyberpunk magazine H+ releases 2009 spring issue

hpluscfWe knew life's going to get twisted when R.U. Sirius re-entered the atmosphere. Ken "R.U. Sirius" Goffman, editor for iconic cyberculture magazine Mondo 2000, mastermind for 10 Zen Monkeys, columnist for Wired and the author of several hundred articles on subcultural issues (and author of The Real Cyberpunk Fakebook) released the first issue for his science/cyberpunk/transhumanist PDF magazine H+ in October, giving us a glimpse into the future of bodyhack.

The 2009 spring issue is teeming with new content on 72 pages focusing mostly on economy and nanotech: nanobots in the bloodstream, anti-aging medicine for the mainstream, solid state storage, superintelligent financial markets, nano tattoos, singularity, virtual worlds that model real world economic behavior, economy hacking, space-based solar collectors, paths to unlimited renewable energy, enhanced armies and among others, the reanimation of the lost cyberpunk in the 21st century. Download right away.

lombergar's posthuman cyberpunk exhibition

The entire Posthuman 1.0 exhibition by Domen Lombergar, which was shown in three exhibitions in 2007 and 2008. Check his gallery of twelve images here. Maybe you'll need circuits | wires | motherboards | chips.

xavier chassaing: scintillation

This is an experimental film made up of over 35,000 photographs. It combines an innovative mix of stop motion and live projection mapping techniques, directed by Xavier Chassaing (mail at chassaing [dot] xavier [at] gmail [dot] com), music by myspace/fedaden. (via digitaldj.jp)

in the end

everything will be okay in the end.
if it's not okay, it's not the end.

zoog of angelspit with the classic buddha tee


Oh yes, this is arch-priest of tree-hugging doom, Zoog of Angelspit working with his Prophet-5 synth, wearing the classic Buddha teeshirt, merch of ld50.hu. Thinking back of all times, I'm still glad I said goodbye to seven years of gore and glory. 

If you want other tee shots: we had Meza (on a fucking mountaintop), Soffy and Gabo posing for us.

escape from city 17: 500$ budget quality indie filmmaking

Without further comments, we're all flabberghasted - and we includes the whole gaming news industry in its motherfucking entirety. The Purchase brothers filmed two 5-min episodes of  in the Half-Life universe with a budget not exceeding 500 dollars. If you could do something like that for this measley amount, we should all believe: good production value equals dedication and good ideas. Nothing more. (via boingboing)

feb15: still alive and kicking


Above, that's a bottle of VDay super fruit juice and the index page for The Dose - which is online now and expecting contributors. Below, that's Monsieur tlvlp behind a piece of Vietnamese nem turned into a fat alien cock, taken on an experimental sushi night. I think it all began with "intelligent rice". 

As for the movie, yes, we've finished filming and it was motherfuckingly cold. We've made pics, behind-the-scenes materials and on-the-set videos but we're keeping that to ourselves until we've seen the edited (and non-CG) version of the movie. After that, MySpace time. 

Keep commenting.


circuit strike.one

HGrenade is right on the verge of releasing an iPhone game, Circuit Strike.One, and the eyecandy-loving gamer community has an erection the size of Mount Everest, balancing a thousand euro banknote on the thankful end, just for them. Not that the concept of euros would make any sense at all, during a time of international crisis. When banks are rumoured to actually test market and investor tolerance, not break them.

Anyway. CS0 is all propped up in Unity and the video above will send you shrieking into nonspace. Interface is amazing, graphics is amazing, neon vectors and semitransparent abstract elements are everything to kill for and they either screw up controls wonderfuckedly or this is going to be one of the key games of 2009. Beside Zen Bound. Until Bethesda finally reveal the name of the iPhone game they're developing.

But I digress. (Nothing but!) CS0 HQ is for the clicking.

the new black

White, blue and grey is the new black.

Filming postponed because of the London weather reports, working on sets next week. New project launches next week. No time to blog. I have a shitload of links to post, might have time to share them with you on Sunday - during worktime. No rest until grave.