HGrenade is right on the verge of releasing an iPhone game, Circuit Strike.One, and the eyecandy-loving gamer community has an erection the size of Mount Everest, balancing a thousand euro banknote on the thankful end, just for them. Not that the concept of euros would make any sense at all, during a time of international crisis. When banks are rumoured to actually test market and investor tolerance, not break them.

Anyway. CS0 is all propped up in Unity and the video above will send you shrieking into nonspace. Interface is amazing, graphics is amazing, neon vectors and semitransparent abstract elements are everything to kill for and they either screw up controls wonderfuckedly or this is going to be one of the key games of 2009. Beside Zen Bound. Until Bethesda finally reveal the name of the iPhone game they’re developing.

But I digress. (Nothing but!) CS0 HQ is for the clicking.