apnea: gorgeous and blogging

Fleshbot broke news on fetish/goth supermodel Apnea: she's got a new blog out and, the news coming from an adult portal, they're obviously hooked on the flesh imagery. This is a wink out to my huge Apnea-loving blogger colleague Hardergeneration. (via fleshbot)

video interview with genesis p-orridge

Dutch site MetropolisTV just posted a video interview with Psychic TV's and Throbbing Gristle's Genesis P-Orridge. Wonderful and also, unfortunately, deeply sad. RIP, Lady Jaye. (via boingboing)

your irregular howto: björk on how a crt tv really works

Now this is amazing that sent me spiralling out into deep space: Björk rantling about how a CRT TV really works. Watch her gestures as she opens up the backside and starts talking about streets and elevators. Now this is mechanics 101 beyond recognition. I want a mechanic support like that, and I mean now. (via gizmodo)

daim: 3d graffiti 4 prez. kthxbai.

Seriously, one of the most awesome bunch of artworks I found during the past years leads to DAIM, world-acclaimed creator of 3D graffiti. According to what I dug up on a Hungarian graffiti blog, guy started working as Caza in 1989 and he took up his present nick in 1992. Member up Stick Up Kidz since 1994 and he's a genius -  here's a Google Map that pinpoints the location of many of his werkz.  And eat his MySpace as well.

will pearson's panoramic photography

A nice addition to the Monday morning coffee and games of how to transpone yourself. Will Pearson's five panoramic fetish fashion shootings are just the hors d'oeuvre - also check More London, the Slimelight shoot @ Electrowerkz and Mother of London. And then some more. (link)

norihito nakatani, tangled up in green

Norihito Nakatani a Japán Waseda Egyetem Építészkarának docense. Előadásának tengelyében Japán modern kori történelmének és a japán építészet fejlődésének állandó kölcsönhatása áll. Nakatani előadásában áttekintést nyújt a 16. századi modern Japán állam születésétől kezdődően, a 19. századi ipari forradalom és 20. századi modernizmus kialakulásán keresztül egészen a II. világháborút követő gazdasági fellendülés építészeti terméséről.  A Min-Gei mozgalomtól kezdve Sutemi Horiguchi építészetén át a metabolizmusig és Kenzo Tange építészetén túl kitekintéssel napjainkig.

Az előadás japán nyelven, magyar tolmácsolással történik. A részvétel ingyenes. 
Az esemény a Japán Alapítvány együttműködésével és támogatásával jött létre. (link)

sunday night, chinese extreme metal, female vocals

Sunday night, a link by Gargaj. Sunday night, I am on the lookout for voice augmentation, how to push objects down my throat to keep the kind gurgles down by two good octaves at least. You know the Lovecraft quote about the voice coming out from the wrong throat? There you go. Sometimes it's just so bad, you have to link it anyway.

UPDATE 1: First proof that the vocalist really is a female is at 4:22.

plusnine/gnef (deviantart)

A few works by Vienna-based PlusNine, also a fan of jungle, drum'n'bass and dubstep. So we like him even more. (gallery @ deviantart)

mecha sunday, movie news

IO9 blips on two movies you and I all came to love. The Robocop franchise, as we all know, expects a re-make in 2010 by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain). It turns out that the movie will not be a sequel, but a completely new take, co-orchestrated by script writer David Self. According to IO9, he's also hinting at a Peter Weller cameo (Weller being the "original" Robocop in the original movie.)

Appleseed director Shinji Aramaki is working on a new anime series called Viper's Creed by Gundam script writer Ai Ōta - ANN sez: "The story revolves around the members of a private military company (PMC), and the uneasy tension between them and the regular military after a war that caused massive environmental destruction."

diamanda galas / charles baudelaire: les litanies du satan

According to this very blogpost, Warren Ellis loved to freak out his roommates some twenty years ago with Diamanda Galás' blood-curdling rendition of "Les Litanies du Satan". Split to two YouTube parts, there you go. I did the same myself with a Hybrids and Vidna Obmana joint album, "Music for Exhibiting Water with Content", although it has a Dutch title that actually brings up hits. Will need to research into that album as well - it seriously freaks people out with all the samples that had been recorded in a Dutch dolphinarium. (via warren ellis)

pileus, the internet umbrella

Pileus ("the internet umbrella!") is a joint project by Takashi Matsumoto and Sho Hashimoto - it's basically an amped up umbrella with access to Google Earth and Flickr (also having a screen surface, a built-in camera, a GPS, a motion sensor and a digital compass). You see a bird's eye view on your surroundings in the inside of the Pileus, GPS and the digital compass keeps the overhead display updated, whereas you can take images with the built-in camera and upload them to your Flickr account with context tags. Mix this with the glowing Blade Runner umbrella and I'm so game. (project site, via cpc)

this is how a storm looks like

This is an old one, yet still quite adorably abstract: this is how the botnet Storm looked in 2008 April. (impactlab report, via nexnature via grinding)