Vex (music video, 2018)

Video directed, edited, cut and conceptually designed by Richard Besenczi. Stage attire is Y.LD Clothing by Dora Mojzes. Special thanks go to Andris Ban and Sinred for all the awesome assistance they gave. Video recorded at Silens Photo & Style. Skullwork by Bebek’s Creations.


  • The track you hear in this music video is not the original EP version: it is the “443 video edit” and it is, unsurprisingly, 4:43 long. This version might be available in the near future on a compilation… maybe.
  • I wear a Cyberdog CB Goggles in this video.. and if you think you can see anything in them… you cannot. They look really great, but pounding the drumpads in these is quite a challenge. Just saying.
  • You see those TV sets? Originally these were part of the graduate project by Andras Ban entitled MediaMarked, we just basically took the TV sets, scattered a sequence of short clips through them and that’s what you see in the music video. (Two of the TVs got wrecked during transportation, so there is only seven of them. Just to be really punctual.)
  • This is basically my live rig that you see in the video – backing tracks running from an iPad Air 2 (via an Alesis IO Dock), vocals are running into a Roland VT-3 (usually I add something else for delays), pads and leads come from a Novation Ultranova and drums/samples are triggered from a Roland SPD-SX. That cable jungle is a nightmare, but at least everything is plugged in and operational. Thankfully.
  • We recorded this in about seven hours and it was already on YouTube two weeks later.
  • The music video premiere was on Index, Hungary’s biggest news portal (specifically Stenk, its music column).
  • Brutal Resonance magazine claims this music video is “dehumanizing and technology-powered“… cannot argue with them!