Angst (EP, 2016)

ANGST features the vocals and the lyrical work of Black Nail Cabaret vocalist/composer Emke, venturing deep into the topic of midlife crisis and all the woe it brings, laying it to strict club tempo. (Originally released on Two Gods Records (15GODSEP), entry on Discogs.)

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The single also features a live ambient version and a remix by industrial veteran Haujobb. As with all Planetdamage releases, it also features a Bandcamp-only audio commentary, available upon purchase.


Tracks 1&3 written by Mariusz Bari. Production and programming: Mariusz Bari. Vocals & lyrics: Emese Arvai-Illes. Mixing, mastering and addiction production: Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios. Speech samples in track 3 appear on NASA’s Apollo 11 Flight Director’s Loop. Track 2 remixed and crafted by Daniel Myer. Cover/artwork design: Peter Santha. Cover photo: Bettina Toth.