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HI REZ LO LIFE EP (January 11th, 2019)

Hi Rez Lo Life, the latest EP by Planetdamage is a reflection of 2018’s privacy scandals through the eyes of a disillusioned cyberpunk. These four tracks sum up his messages about misused technology, glitched humanity and the lack of a long-term strategy for humankind, even re-evaluating vocals on retouched versions of Vex and The Mark. (Released on Black Pill Red Pill.)

Album cover/artwork/photo: Richard Besenczi.

Official music video

Video directed, edited, cut and conceptually designed by Richard Besenczi.

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Tracks 1-4 written by Mariusz Bari at the Lodge HQ. Lyrics and vocals by Mariusz Bari. Mixing, mastering and additional producerly work by Krisztián Árvai.

STRAY SIGNAL EP (February 1st, 2018)

Stray Signal reflects on the notion that there is nothing inherently wrong with technology – it’s humans that keep messing things up. On the new EP you have four original electro-industrial tracks and some remixes to go with it – by none other than Angelspit, Leaether Strip and Der Prosector!  (Released on Two Gods Records, entry on Discogs.)

Album cover/artwork: Peter Santha. Photo: Balazs Kassai.

“I like the sound intelligence of this musician. The songs have been meticulously crafted and achieved with a real great retro approach. It’s an ultra dark production carried by low bass lines and great synth leads.” –Side-Line Magazine, 8/10

Official music video

Video directed, edited, cut and conceptually designed by Richard Besenczi. Stage attire is Y.LD Clothing by Dora Mojzes. Special thanks go to Andris Ban and Sinred for all the awesome assistance they gave. Video recorded at Silens Photo & Style. Skullwork is by Bebek’s Creations.

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As with all Planetdamage releases, it features a Bandcamp-only audio commentary, available upon purchase.


Tracks 1-4 written and produced by Mariusz Bari at The Lodge HQ. Vocals and lyrics on all tracks by Mariusz Bari, additional vocals on track 5 by Sophia. Track 5 remixed by Zoog von Rock / Angelspit. Track 6 remixed by Claus Larsen / Leaether Strip. Track 7 remixed by Der Prosector.
“Stray Signal” mixed and mastered at The Cage Studios by Martin Bowes with the exception of track 7, which was mixed by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media.

SNAPSHOTS../ANGST (September 23rd, 2017)

Limited edition CD with the first two EPs (Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto, Angst). Released on Two Gods Records (entry on Discogs).

ANGST EP (Dec 1st, 2016)

ANGST features the vocals and the lyrical work of Black Nail Cabaret vocalist/composer Emke, venturing deep into the topic of midlife crisis and all the woe it brings, laying it to strict club tempo. (Released on Two Gods Records (15GODSEP), entry on Discogs.)


“‘Angst’ is a great, if quite short, release that skillfully worms its way into your brain with its synth bass lines, steady dance beats, and compelling vocals.”
Intravenous Mag

Official music video

Video directed and edited by: Zoltan Kovary. Special thanks to Balazs Toth and Tibor Menyhart for their help for taking part in this video and letting us use the venues Supersonic – Blue Hell and KVLT.

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The single also features a live ambient version and a remix by industrial veteran Haujobb. As with all Planetdamage releases, it also features a Bandcamp-only audio commentary, available upon purchase.


Tracks 1&3 written by Mariusz Bari. Production and programming: Mariusz Bari. Vocals & lyrics: Emese Arvai-Illes. Mixing, mastering and addiction production: Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios. Speech samples in track 3 appear on NASA’s Apollo 11 Flight Director’s Loop. Track 2 remixed and crafted by Daniel Myer. Cover/artwork design: Peter Santha. Cover photo: Bettina Toth.


Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto is the debut electro/industrial EP by Hungarian cyberpunk novelist & researcher Planetdamage, much influenced by recent events in the fields of surveillance and data privacy. (Self-released, entry on Discogs)

Damage. Photo: Balázs Kassai
Damage. Photo: Balázs Kassai

“Love the old school sound and production. Really something you should check out.”
Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip)

Official fan video

This official fan video for ‘Firewalls’ was masterfully assembled by Ralph Ernesto aka Soundmirror66.

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Snapshots.. is now available for purchase, if you want to support the Planetdamage empire! Buy it from Bandcamp to get a 5-track production diary detailing how the debut EP was built up from start to finish!

Album cover: Péter Sántha. Sculpture shot: Jeremy Falconer.
Album cover/artwork: Peter Santha. Sculpture shot: Jeremy Falconer.

The EP contains four original tracks (Lensjammer, Firewalls, The Mark, Come Home Traitor), five remixes (by Attrition, Black Nail CabaretFirst Aid 4 Souls, Lhasa Mencur and The Mercy Cage), and an audio production diary containing background info on the production of each track. The very first release available from this page was available with some extras on the side.

“Planetdamage emerges you in a dark, turbulent, dystopian future. Driving Tetsuo drums and Blade Runner basses support cold red atmospheres as computerized vocals whisper curses.
This is great stuff – its depth and darkness will seduce you.”
Zoog von Rock (Angelspit)


Tracks 1-4 written by Mariusz Bari. Production, programming and vocals: Mariusz Bari. Mixing, mastering and additional production was royally delivered by Martin Bowes in the bowels of The Cage Studios. Speech samples in ‘The Mark‘ appear on the Producer Loops Cinematic Series Vol 2: Hacked Society Sample Pack by Lhasa Mencur. Speech samples in ‘Come Home Traitor‘ appear in the documentary Terminal F: Chasing Edward Snowden. Tracks 5-9 were produced and crafted by their respective remixing artists: track 5 by Martin Bowes, track 6 by Krisztian Arvai and Emese Arvai-Illes (additional vocals by Emese Arvai-Illes), track 7 by Lhasa Mencur, track 8 by Istvan Gazdag, track 9 by Josh Wood. Cover/inlay design and artwork by Peter Santha, sculpture and photo by Jeremy Falconer. Artist photos by Balazs Kassai.

“Snapshots of a Surveillance Manifesto is equal parts reality shock and cyberpunk manifesto.” (Neon Dystopia review).

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Planetdamage tracks have raised hell, havoc and heat levels on

20 Perccel a Jövőbe, Bloodlit Radio, Civil Rádió Miskolc, Cyberland, Dark Essence Radio, Dark Indulgence, Elektro wUndergrund, Ghost Wave Radio, Industrial Island, Megtervezett Valóság, NW2Noise , Rádio Deepland, Radio Wave, Röntgen Radio, Synthentral, Tilos Rádió and WZBC’s The Industrial Factory
and were spinned by DJs such as DJ Scary Lady Sarah or DJ BAnn.


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