Just a week before the new music video for my recently released track HI REZ LO LIFE starts wreaking havoc on the inter, come take a look at the bunch of photos I found on my phone about the VEX video shooting day!

Both my new video for HI REZ LO LIFE and this one for VEX was recorded, edited and forged together by Richard Besenczi – I could totally recommend him saying if you want to work with a joyfully weird and professional video talent, go hit him up but I’ll say this: I’ve never met a man who can drink as much coffee as him. And this is a compliment. A big one.

Early morning wake-up, massively saved by my buddy Sinred who helped me massively with carrying my coffee-depraved ass and all my gear to Silens Photo & Style, which is apparently where the magic happened. To the left and right (both): Andris Bán whose diploma work MediaMarked we reused (with his approval) for the TV screen parts.
You know that joke about several goth flatmates or goth couples doing their laundry, right? So this is several styles, the psytrance-oriented Public Beta is not that visible, but Dóra Mojzes’ Y.LD Clothing bomber jacket and top are quite the occult bullwhip crack to your optic nerves..
..so to prove that, here’s the proto-neo-occult pattern in all its glory.
So this is MediaMarked reinterpreted to house the background video footage from the front..
…and the back!
Still life, hybrid technique. To anyone who would criticize how the cables are… I know.
Compulsory atmospheric remark about the sky with the color of TVs tuned to dead channels.
Random interstitial of me in a Warren Ellis shirt, looking like a big blog of black out of space with a caffeine deficiency. A narrative ballad with a sad state design. This totally could be a programmer joke. (Did I say I started teaching myself how to code? Great stuff.)
Probably the very first time in my life when I looked at my live setup and realized that the white background makes all the cabling look terrible (apart from, you know, flexible things) but at least it’s plugged and working.
So, live setup – Novation Ultranova (my first proper synth), perfect for pads and leads, a sad and now defunct mixer, a Roland VT-3 which is great for vocal effects, an iPad Air Pro 2 for backing tracks and a skull for good measure. And an SM58. And I also wanted either black drumsticks (sad show-off without actually being good at hitting things) or glowing ones (that glow when they hit something) that did not look so good on camera, so… nothing wrong with standard ones, I guess.
That skull which was blackened by Bebek’s Creations on super short notice – if we had some more time, we would have turned it into a musical instrument or a strobe or something. Probably. (And the last part of the gear, the SPD-SX sampling pad.)
Yours truly, meeting the beat. You want more? Tune in next week!