Welcome back! I spent the better part of the past three years’ worth of free time into one of the things I enjoy the most: making music. So I am reopening this site as a hub focusing on music and sound – basically doing my own content, once again.

If this is your first visit here, please take a look at the bio to figure out what I did so far – as all of that was basically part of this site’s previous content batch. And then social media happened. Shorter attention spans. Direct feedback. Dopamine reward highs. Like economy. Clickbait and viral sluttery. And if you weren’t motivated enough, your content got shorter, your thinking and writing more to-the-point and even maintaining your own blog got to be quite a drag. (Not to mention all those people who think maintaining a curated Tumblr feed is equal to having a blog. Those people still have social security and voting rights. That’s something to think about.)

So I thought after having a hobby that does makes an extended use of the Planetdamage moniker again (with different spellings, though, there is Planet Damage, PlanetDamage, Planet://Damage, 443 and Agent 443 and I am sure more are to follow), it would make sense to restart the blog, post all my relevant content here and keep it alive as a hub that functions as an info board of past things compiled and future things teased. With no comments allowed. If you want comments, come visit my Facebook page or drop me a message.

As for all the content pages on this current site: About/Bio serves as a summary of what I’ve done so far in my professional life. The Works is basically a visual rundown of my releases, remixes and gigs. Music is similar, structured differently – think of it as a combination of multiple press releases where you can go through everything in one reading. Live Shows contains the list of my past and future gigs. Most probably a webshop if I manage to hoard my merch back from a few places together. Expect new content regularly – or sooner if there is something amazingly awesome happening.

Keep surviving and support your favourite and/or local bands and brace yourselves!