Newsflash for everyone who’s not on social media! If you thought I was gone, yes I was. Coffee excess, coffee deprivation and all that jazz does that to you. Also, coping with ten things at a time.


I’m brainstorming on Planetdamage music videos, as you’re reading this, but Ralph Ernesto aka Soundmirror66 just beat me to it! He rolled out an amazing surveillance/privacy-themed fan video for my track Firewalls – you can check it out above. I for one think it’s bloody brilliant and visually it’s pretty much spot-on, loaded with a lot of references. Feel free to subscribe to his channel and like his fan videos, because this guy’s a genius.


My upcoming releases will be released on a new label to be known as heralded as Two Gods Records, comprising the bands/projects Attrition, Engram, Contaminated Intelligence, Casa de Orates, John Costello, Fearpassage, Sex Death Religion, Patternclear and myself. My first release on Two Gods will be ANGST, a single featuring Black Nail Cabaret vocalist (and good friend) Emke – expect it sometime during this autumn and after that, another EP that might slide over to early 2017. There are also intriguing remixes brewing and I’ll probably be doing a coffee ambient album, using only coffee-related sounds. Or not. I haven’t slept for a long time and it sounded a lot more intriguing in my head. Still. Coffee ambient. (For more agriculturally loaded times, lambient.)

Go support the empire at! (And this Stromkern remix above is totally a blast!)


  • If you had any doubts, yes, I really want the Behringer DeepMind 12.
  • Yes, there will be gigs. Yes, there will be small shows for friends only, first. Videos might surface.
  • Yes, there will be merch as well. Planet://Damage snow globe collectibles that break and seep nuclear sewage if you shake them. If you have to go, go out in style.
  • If you want more info than the lifesigns coming at unexpected times, got some platforms for you to attach to: the Planetdamage page on Facebook, also the Two Gods label page where news shall abound, also Instagram and Twitter. Also feel free to drop me an email at info at planetdamage d0t kom.