Blog-fast ends now! I’m quite happy to announce that I’m nearing completion of several projects I’ve been working on for the past few months. One of them, one completely finished, is a remix I did for a Hungarian alternative/new wave/dark pop group named CLAYFEET: we met through my long-time partner-in-absurd Dawe_, started talking about DAWs and VSTis and, fast-forwarding the story by a few weeks, this is where we ended up. (Or this is where we actually begin.)

Photo: Zoltán Miklóska

My weapon of choice was Renoise, as always, taking the vocal stems and the chords and ditching everything else, basically turning the original synthpoppy bash into something a lot bouncier. Working on this was a lot of fun, learned a lot about 1) EQing 2) giving pop song ideas a structure 3) layering everything with literally everything and then 4) learning how to delete at least 30% of my original tracks because it’s just way too thick and overstacked.

By the way, you definitely have to check out Clayfeet’s Bandcamp as it has a motherload of great tracks to listen to: and here’s the Severance single my remix is featured on. Play it until you’re sore! (And, oh, here’s a whole gallery on how they’re working on their tracks, hehe.)

More remixes and tracks are on the way: until they see the daylight, show some pimpage and love for these tracks!