pd.LIFESIGN [2014 march]

straying not for the lesser sentiment of folly but for the greater sentiment of dereliction, someplace else this is a tree in the shape of hatred

Three months of unevenly distributed focus is what happened. Sometimes I drank a coffee and then went out to the kitchen to make another one and I didn't fully realize a day passed and I hadn't noticed. Living on borrowed Tumblr attention deficit time. There were weeks of toothache, I remember that, because I now know the map of street samurai grey clinics who do things in your mouth that you don't want to fully remember. On other weeks projects flourished and exams were passed gloriously, like driving theory and gun & rifle theory and practice, because fuck you that's why. Post-thirtyish fear of closure, typical of our generation. Then there were long weeks when I couldn't write and that meant trouble (Zinta was the first to call me trouble and she was SO right about that) because three books mean a lot of stress if two of them need serious worldbuilding. So I started writing a fourth one because I could easily do 20 pages a day about abstract visuals. Quite a tricky period to wade through, waist deep in bad timing and worse circumstances but things just never give themselves easily, do they.

But do I fucking hate telling you all my projects are in progress, so at least one book's coming out by Q3. Hopefully two altogether by the end of the year but after all the challenges that seem to end up on my windshield... let me digress.

Kopi luwak is off my bucket list. Comes via cold drip with a faint fruity touch and I might even think it's overhyped. Italian triple ristretto is still Hiroshima strength for the mind.

#whatsinmybag - nowadays with a whole lot more painkillers

Don't even ask.

Took up Yang style taiji after long years of hiatus and as it's springtime, my original Sinred is out from the freemasonic shed - this was taken during an urban tour: this was the place where I loved for one and a half decades and more importantly, this is the place where ld50.hu was conceived, born and raised.

Which inevitably leads us to my next point, which is...