planetdamage: lifesign, 2013 september

Relocated to Budapest last week, packages and bike arrived surprisingly intact (if you ever need BUD-LDN / LDN-BUD package transport, contact Meliza:London). Numerous project meetings, reading up on band biographies and UI design. Fighting procrastination and webfloating. Yes, this is a new word. Mostly listening to amazing new finds such as Youth Code, Cold Cave, Dead When I Found Her or numerous 242 side projects such as Holy Gang, Modern Cubism or MORF. Apparently Clock DVA released a new album as well entitled Post-Sign. Blog/site restart after un/successful reacclimatization. If you want good content, subscribe to my Facebook feed, if you want personal (fucking stalkers), go to Instagram. Or drop me an email instead, I tend to like those.

Nothing is True, Everything's Permitted.