Tip your hat to P://D regular reader and contributor Riplakoidase who’s just sent me a great find: Montpellier-based special FX/3D company ArtFX hides a few gold nuggets in their reference pool, one of them being a short teaser entitled Thousandth Street. Wouldn’t necessarily call it a short film as it’s a situation without a solution and so much without any sort of closure that it hurts a lot, almost physically.

Great work on a blue-tinted Blade Runner feel (do I hear well that there are samples of the Blade Runner Voigt-Kampff examination scene?) AND SHUT UP EVERYONE YOU CAN’T HAVE A BAD MOVIE WITH SO MUCH RAIN EVEN THE MEASURE OF PRECIPITATION ALONE SETS THE BASELINE FOR A CYBERPUNK MOVIE and the soundtrack is nothing short of fuckingamazing – Perturbator made a great job nudging the overall ambiance towards classic Vangelis and turning to stompy 80’s-infused techno for the outro.

1, That hamburger looks… odd. Transmetropolitan odd.
2, The first time you see the cop in his car, does he strike you as a twin brother of Trent Reznor?
3, Great ideas about UI/UX… why the slow response rate, though, is it lagging?

Also, here’s a Making Of video. Don’t stop.