‘I give you a few pages to fill and give me something great,` says Sophie Rotas, queen bitch/empress for fashion mag Nero Homme and I love this game, complete creative freedom gives me a hard-on and it ain’t different this time. We’ve gone switch with divine slut extraordinaire Actually Huizenga and interviewed each other, basing our questions on Tarot trumps, making it all sound like sex, smut, art and magick. Our interview in its entirety is printed in the first issue of Nero Hommehere’s a longer teaser for you and here’s their Facebook page for more info on launch dates, stockists and great weird fashion art. This comes from a couple of months back – teaser just found me once again and I couldn’t resist the repost allure.


M.B.: Have you ever used orgasm as a tool? (And not for the manipulation of the love puppets – more like tantric or sigil/chaos magick purposes.)
A.H.:I sometimes masturbate in order to wake up or to relax. Sometimes to escape from something as simple as writer’s block. Auto-masturbation is different from double human sex for me however. Perhaps the fact that I don’t need to use my hands or the fact that I leave myself vulnerable to another being …the orgasm is in a higher,stranger, harder to reach realm.

When I actually reach a large orgasm in physical sex, it is overwhelmingly important – it means that I have been able to escape from my constant inner dialogue. My mind expands into complete nothingness(something crystalline and opalescent… Blackness which becomes color which really isn’t color…I haven’t been able to hold on long enough to really see) but I shouldnt analyze because the fact that it is nothing makes it so beautiful. It escapes so quickly. Beautiful things often do that.

I need to work on reaching that otherworldly nothingness more often. I wonder if men take their orgasms for granted or if they have been more powerful in the general scheme of humanity because they have more easy access to orgasm OR maybe the orgasm of a woman is actually more orgasmic and the fact that it has been suppressed in history for so long proves that there is more power in women and that is why women have been held down by “god” and “man”. I say this in a purely hypothetical way; I know that many women can orgasm at any moment but many women in the world have never even had mini self induced ones! And obviously part of that reason is the fact that many women are raised to be un-sexual. Luckily we live in the entertainment/technological age and I think this is helping people to realize how important sex is. Maybe one day sex will be more important than war. Maybe one day nipple exposure will be just as acceptable as someone’s head getting blown off in a movie.