Razor Coated Candies were visual mixtapes I did when I was working with Dragontape and their service was still functional within the realm of human comprehension and patience. Now? Semi-regular dumps of music links and embeds that keep me alive and kicking. Look grateful and send me more links if you want pimpage.

We are very excited to share with you today a glimpse into AYRIA’s much anticipated new album with this upcoming digital EP “Plastic And Broken” that includes two original tracks, as well as five remixes. “Plastic Makes Perfect” combines a driving bass synth line inspired by older styled EBM, which has also now become part of the AYRIA arsenal of styles, but this time, the bassline is blended thickly with layers of intense and chaotic synths and chanting vocals. (Ayria finally coming out with some new material, judging by Missed the Mark, she’s still ROCKING OUT with her powerful landmark grunge electro.)

30 years since their groundbreaking dark ambient album “This Death House” ATTRITION’s Martin Bowes has combined forces with his wife Kerri on their full length movie score, written for the film G.H.O.S.T from cult U.S. horror film company Mutantville. From uneasy, shifting atmospheres to main themes on piano, vocals and strings, the album was remodelled and mixed at the Cage for this audio only version…