ANGELSPIT’s fifth member The Liar did the next hot thing after sliced bread and made the kind of show MTV was when they did 120 Minutes and Aeon Flux and what MTV should be in the cyberpunk futurepresent. This is insane video collage work rooted in chaos, entropy, the visual equivalent of a TB303 resonance knob and mad criticism. Rating? Ten out of fucking ten. Full-on.


Angelspit – Princess Chaos (Metafakt Remix)
The Presets – My People
Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler
Angelspit – Sleep Now (Angelspit remix)
Combichrist – Never Surrender
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin Dub)
Ladytron – Destroy everything you touch (sasha involv2er remix)
IAMX – Nature of Inviting (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
Angelspit – Vermin
Houratron – $$ Trooper
Angelspit – Defribrillator (Brian Doviak Remix)