• Electronic Insects—If William S. Burroughs Did Cyberpunk: If William S. Burroughs had cyberpunk leanings then he might have conjured up these insects made from various electrical components—but they’re not from the mind of the Beat novelist, instead these are the work of photographer Luca di Filippo.
  • Is Your Mind for Sale? Inside the Allure of Digital Sweatshops: Jonathan Zittrain, co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and author of the book The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It, suggests that “grad students will do this all day long because it’s probably the only source of positive feedback in their lives.”
  • Genetic algorithms become programmers themselves: [Kory] has been experimenting with genetic algorithms. Normally we’d expect his experiments to deal with tuning the variables in a control system or something, but he’s doing something much cooler. [Kory] is using genetic algorithms to write computer programs, and in the process bringing us one step closer to the Singularity.
  • Scientists record the first video of thoughts forming in the brain: Japanese researchers have recorded a real-time video of thoughts forming in the brain of a live animal as it stalks its prey.

How to Master Your Time: Say No. Unplug the TV. Kill notifications. Schedule your priorities. First things first. Less volume, more time. Ignore.