GAMA-GO Skull Ice Cube, definitely loving its sharp geometries, Tumblr- and hipster-compatible, wonder when the ice skull shooter nerf gun comes with it. (via

  • When the Internet Is Your Hometown: For post-Internet people, the digital natives, the Internet has the potential to become a hometown that you can never leave.
  • Pacer – Sound Making Suit: The “pacer“ suit receives electro impulses which appear when the muscles are activated, (movement), amplifies them and turns them into sound with the help of the sensors attached to the muscles. it is possible to produce harmonious rhythm and melody by dancing i.e. moving certain muscles (activating the sensors).
  • Dead Girls #5: Like A Bad Girl Should: What’s five-feet-four-inches tall, has a bottle-blonde mane, luminous green eyes, and a body that – if superficially that of a human girl’s – has been infected, and robotically enhanced, by a nano-tech virus, so that its humanity is compromised by the superhuman?
  • Elder Scrolls Bundle – Oblivion GOTY, Morrowind GOTY, Skyrim, Hearthfire and Dawnguard

  • A rather graphic look at the smog in Beijing, China.