And you wouldn’t even believe me if I said this is not for SEO but I just cannot keep up with the amount of bookmarking so I just needed to do this – more links I wanted to talk about but I ultimately haven’t – games, infographics and magick. Yes, this was all in my head in November (and possibly October, too!)

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MAGICK | A Brief History Of Our Dynamic Inner Family of Subselves | Aghori | An Appraisal of the Films of William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Anthony Balch in terms of Recent Avant Garde Theory | Anthony Balch | Bon Phurpa | Bon Teachings | Chaos Magick Gift Sigil | Chinese Qigong Therapy | Commentary to the Bonpo Book of the Dead | Dark Retreat | Dreamachine | Dzogchen preliminaries | Frater U.D. – Practical Sigil Magick | Green Field, Allen – The Roots of Modern Magick, 1700 Thru 2000 | How to Make a Simple and Cheap Dreamachine | Insight Meditaton ebooks | Magic Spells with Menstrual Blood, Semen and Urine | Making a Magical Sigil | Mantra Shakti | Mantrams | Meet the Magus Pt 8: Transforming Perception in Another Suburban Romance | Men Jiuzhang: A General Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine | Mindfulness in Plain English | My Sigils which Aren’t Symbolically Destroyed | Online Dreamachine | Parivartana | Pre-Abramelin Operation | Rainbow Body | | Rigpa | Skywriters in Hades 1 | Skywriters in Hades 2 | Ten Step Sigil Casting via The Tree of Life | The Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Online Archive | The New Hermetics | Why Does Magic Need So Many Rules?