This is FREE MUSIC MONDAY. (Something to look forward to after losing half a gig of project photo material and getting shocked by voltage, but hey, it was me who sigilized for a more interesting life.) Shiny Toy Guns released the first video Somewhere to Hide off their latest album III and there’s a new lyric video out for 5-HT by UK pop noir outfit The Good Natured.

One surprisingly good news was the appearance of a new label late last week – VoxxoV is poised on the top floor of the ambient-glitch-drone-noise-electronica lounge and they just released two free compilation albums, one with IDM/electronica entitled Fall is a House of Gold and Rain and the other is mostly drone/noise entitled Faith in a Wet Season. The IDM compilation actually features a few Tympanik artists like Access to Arasaka, r.roo, Normotone or Tapage – this one was tested for a fair amount of existential crisis in London and Reykjavík, so feel free to proceed without caution!