Missing the hard-edge content? Good. I miss it too. I mean I really don’t, I’ve got hilarious amounts of new stuff bookmarked. On the other hand I just moved to London, well, a week ago, to be exact, and this is the first opportunity this week for chilling out and just blogging. Mostly because the exhaustion of the gods is in my bones. I opened a Tumblr in Hungarian for stories and pictures for friends or those who’re interested in moving to the UK as well and you can find it at damageinlondon.tumblr.com – and most of my content goes to Twitter (which is mainly reblogs) or Facebook. I’ll need some time to get accustomed to everything and take up the new tempo but things are heading in the right direction. I would also love to get some extra time to work my site/portfolio hybrid. I am also looking for freelance / part-time / fulltime jobs (infographics/blogging/social media/community management are the four pillars of strength) so if you’ve heard of anything, know of anything or want to employ a NINJA OF ROCK, you know who to talk to. Lots and lots of background work at the moment so please bear with patience – it will be worth the arduous wait. (Send me links, though, will try to find a way to mash it out once a day.)