The pilot episode is a prequel to the main series. When Taryn Barker’s sister is abducted she takes it upon herself to journey into the darkest corners of the city to save her.
The main series is a gritty crime thriller. It follows Detective Beckett trying to solve the brutal murder of a middle aged man, who was decapitated. Called into the police station, his prime suspect is a young woman named Taryn Barker, who admits to killing the man she believes to be a demon. As Taryn is being interrogated, more murders take place and Detective Beckett’s daughter is kidnapped by a demonic force, he’ll need Taryn’s help and trust if he wants to make it out of the game alive.

Definitely promising. Claustrophobic, gritty and filthy, this looks like the angsty Goth teen sister of Grimm. I say, shoot the big brother and let her roam the lands. Yes, you can pinpoint mistakes in acting and settings and there are a thousand ways you can make this more kickass, but the potential is very, very much there. Go and support the series in any way you can – they so deserve it.