I have a huge interest in video tutorials/advice videos on self-promotion, self-branding and creative processes. Long-time readers might remember my fits of posting Zoog/Angelspit’s blipverts on how to work on lyrics, drop the bass or form band cohesion – now it’s time for someone new! Keyboardist/bassist Jeremy Dawson of one my favourite bands, Shiny Toy Guns, posted a three-part interview for bands: pieces of advice, tips on using social media and should you listen to your own music. At all. Whatever that guy says really resonates with what I do and how I do it. Go check his words of wisdom NOW!

Jeremy Dawson of Shiny Toy Guns recalls how being a “Yes” band has helped seize opportunities to play in the biggest shows. His advise to new and existing bands comes from his personal experience from touring the world with Carah Faye, Chad Petree, Mikey Martin, Daniel Johansson, Sisely Treasure, and Ursula Vari. He stresses the importance of having a work-sleep balance and having personal time. According to Jeremy, “You will self destruct” if you do not make this a priority.

Shiny Toy Guns pioneered the use of social media during their formative years. In this video, Jeremy discusses how successful bands are currently using social media and also strategies for effectively engaging with their fan base. If you’re in a band, you don’t want to miss this.

Jeremy Dawson explains his take on how to make music for everybody. He discusses the pros and cons of listening to your own previous material for inspiration or focus on current musical trends instead. Do you focus on making music for you or music for everybody to enjoy?