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  • The Top Thirteen Occult Detectives in Comics:See, Agnes was an occult detective. In service to the Queen and, really, anyone else with the right connections. It’s an honorable, if thankless, occupation. It’s also one of my favorite topics to read about. Luckily, there’s a great deal of crossover in comics. Let’s do up a list, shall we?
  • Soviet synthesizer bridged occultism and electronic music: This isn’t a new Dorkbot or Maker Faire oddity. It’s a nearly forgotten Russian synthesizer designed by Evgeny Murzin in 1938. The synth was named after and dedicated to the Russian experimental composer and occultist Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin (1872–1915). The name might not mean much to you, but it illuminates a long running connection between electronic music and the occult.
  • A TRIBUTE TO ZDZISLAW BEKSINSKI’ CD: A tribute to one of the darkest painters of the 20th Century, released on the 2 year anniversary of his death in 2005. As his paintings were never titled, all tracks are unnamed as well. Special, exclusive, Dark Ambient tracks, inspired by the Polish artist from: Asmorod, Contemplatron, Desiderii Marginis, Gustaf Hildebrand, His Divine Grace, Hybryds, Inade, Job Karma, Kratong, Necrophorus, Svartsinn and Zenial.
  • What may be the world’s first cybernetic hate crime unfolds in French McDonald’s: Steve Mann, the “father of wearable computing,” has been physically assaulted while visiting a McDonalds in Paris, France. The Canadian university professor was at the restaurant with his family when three different McDonalds employees took exception to his “Digital Eye Glass” device and attempted to forcibly remove it from his head. Mann was then physically removed from the store by the employees, along with having his support documentation destroyed.